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  1. This is in my opinion the top ten on the Heavyweights I emphasized more on recent wins and activity that's why Cain is below top 5 and no Carwin this is no means top ten all time or top ten on paper. I have Cormier at number two because of the tournament win and being a champion. I have Overeem still in there even though he's kinda in limbo. I'll also do an update after this weeks card. Comments and opinions please and um an overall grade if you don't mind like A if you agree with 90% B 80% of the list etc etc. 1. Junior Dos Santos 2. Daniel Cormier 3. Frank Mir 4. Alistair Overeem 5. Fabricio Werdum 6. Cain Velasquez 7. Travis Browne 8. Antonio Silva 9. Mark Hunt 10. Roy Nelson
  2. I think by his tone and the way he said it I don't think he was meaning as an excuse for anything the guy seems to respectful and humble for that.
  3. Wasn't JDS but, it coulda been I was right mother ****ers I'm a damn prophet I always said he wasn't a real fighter.
  4. Not that I don't believe that's not reasonable or truth but, could you post a link whether be video or text cause I'm a little skeptical that he said that.
  5. You guys are forgetting that styles make fights not necessarily the fighters themselves, while fighters excel at one or two aspect in MMA or someone that is really well rounded etc it's still out about the style each fighter brings. Jones is a great fighter that has beat a lot of different fighters with different styles kind of like AS has in a sense; it doesn't mean that a certain fighter that brings a certain style/game plan won't beat him at some time. I haven't seen Jones fight someone like Machida or really a Rampage for that matter, hell even Rashad could feasibly pull a decision on Jones (if you remove all bias you should be able to see that as a possibility and not even a low one, you know, how everyone cops out and say "Well, it MMA anything can happen" which is true in a sense but, come on look at Rashad when he goes full on wrestle mode same with GSP they know how to win a fight even if you think it's boring or lame etc). Some might say Bader but, I firmly believe Rashad uses his wrestling more effectively and is better conditioned than Bader so with that conclusion I feel it would be a different type of fight. I mean lol look at Bonnar who didn't get like crazy embarrassed and he lost to ****in' Mark Coleman. It's all about styles and game plans guys take away the bias, I know it's a forum and it's where it's fun to express bias for fighters you like but, if you wanna have a real discussion about MMA or any sport for that matter you need to leave it behind. It's like if someone could magically see how each fighter is going to approach a fight and how they trained and felt the day of the fight and there mental state etc etc you can pretty much know what the result will be but, no one knows all that; like MMA math isn't real neither is an opponents record or there past fights in a sense.
  6. Alright! For those that miss the "take you down and hold you" strategy this is a real treat I mean come on the jab for 25 whole minutes strategy is just getting old already I miss the old GSP the GSP that fought Dan Hardy . At least the build up and hype will be entertaining thank you Diaz for that.
  7. I read that on yahoo a while ago laughed my *** off man gj
  8. Kinda makes it really hard to be a Fitch fan. I've always cheered for him in all his fights but, those statements make me shake my head.
  9. Maybe when he was younger you need to understand he's in his 40s now he isn't exactly in his prime.
  10. Lmao American Anti-Terrorism Enforcement Agency Militia the A-team
  11. Well, yes it's a fact he's getting the fight lol this conversation wouldn't be happening if not so, when it comes to him "deserving" that opportunity no matter how for or against is opinion. No need to argue semantics. I understand your point and I slightly disagree on the basis. This is the obvious choice for the UFC when Brock pulled out; I just can't be biased I said on this forum when they first announced Brock vs. JDS that Brock didn't deserve it and just because Carwin is a favorite of mine I still have to go by the same standard.
  12. I can't be biased on this subject even though I hate Brock and Carwin is arguably my favorite HW on the UFC roster I still feel that coming off a lose you shouldn't get a number 1 contender bout. Carwin doesn't deserve the match with JDS the same as I believe Brock didn't. I'm still rooting for Carwin but, man in a way it would be a shame not to see JDS vs Cain for the title while they're both in there prime and at the top of the ladder.
  13. Holy **** someone said this would happen a few months ago. Good call.
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