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  1. Jits you always been good But you know these kids google for facts
  2. How you two should rub one off with each other
  3. So young man ,lets talk about the ***** your with and No where in Saskatchewan has 200k Moron maybe with the boom but they ain't staying Wish I could of met you internet warrior
  4. Failing LMAO Your just a diddler from a small town where your Dad's your Uncle You should run to the Mods now
  5. Diddler they will shake up the ww's Gettin tired of your hand LITTLE CHING
  6. Cause he's an idiot and from Saskatchewan When Askren and Hornbuckle come he 'll wonder who they are Then the noob is who?
  7. Chumpage never used his wrestling ALA Chuck I never saw him wrestle in any round The guy won't evolve and is so flat footed but you Mooks all have to worship him Another Tito with the excuses
  8. Pride was light years ahead that why the UFC changed its format This is a casual fan
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