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  1. Tilinghetuna

    UK TV info

    Everyone stop bloody bleating Virgin Customers (XL package) get it free Sky Customers just replace Setanta with ESPN I think its a great thing and Im a Sky customer before you start. Plus we get it in HD how goods that?
  2. THE Ultimate Fighting Championship is coming to Nottingham. The UFC is planning a show – featuring local hero Dan Hardy – at the Trent FM Nottingham Arena early in 2010. "We can't wait to come and put on a huge show in the city," said UFC UK Division President Marshall Zelaznik. "The UFC is the biggest indoor sporting event in the British Isles. We've broken records in every city we've gone to – Manchester, London, Belfast, Newcastle, Birmingham and Dublin – and we are overdue a visit to Nottingham. "We've looked at the great arena in Nottingham and been in touch. We know the Arena will be a wonderful stage for the world's fastest growing sport. "I've attended events at the Arena and know the atmosphere will be something very special. "The city is earning an international reputation as a hotbed for British mixed martial arts. "There are some outstanding talents who live and train in the city, not least of which Dan Hardy, who has taken the UFC by storm, and, of course, four of the eight men selected to represent the UK on the latest season of 'the Ultimate Fighter' either lived or trained in Nottingham. "We're not even at the planning stages yet. All I can say for sure is that we will be coming to Nottingham and it will be a huge event. "Fans from all over the world travel to see UFC events and we have a television audience of millions worldwide. It will be great exposure for the city." Zelaznik says it would be a "no-brainer" to have Hardy in action in his hometown. "Dan is very proud to represent his home city," he added. "And I don't think there are too many other fighters in UFC history who have made as much noise in their first nine months in the UFC as 'the Outlaw' has." Great news for me as I live in Nottingham Huzzah!!!!!!! and Nottingham is a hotbed for MMA, you only need to go out on a Friday or Saturday night everyones at it
  3. Heart overuling head again but I'd like to see Forrest win this one.
  4. I don't want Chuck to fight again to be honest he should retire and enjoy good health he is a legend and should remain so.
  5. I dislike Penn and like Florian so going with my heart and hoping for a Florian UD, just please dont ask what my head thinks EEK!
  6. I'd like to see BJ get his **** kicked again so why not
  7. Guida stays, afterall it's entertainmet / sport and he sure is entertaining
  8. and I want a Triumph Rocket III, guess we'll both have to wait but I cant blame Dana for mine Doh!
  9. Tilinghetuna

    bisping pics

    You colonial ba****ds
  10. You need to understand that this is a business and love him or loath him Dana doing the right thing but then again I'm sure you'll get a written apology from Dana
  11. Remember this is "The Sun" page 4 prolly states Alians kidnapped Tony Blair :confused:
  12. Originally Posted by jester71 No way!!! Evans will spank the Rampage!!! I could probably take Rampage! Rampage > Evans > Hallie Berry > Jester71 Simples!
  13. I like Florian so I hope he does the business however I wont be staking my house on him winning
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