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  1. there are surprisingly a lot of true MMA fans on this forum; but they just lurk.
  2. what rule is being broken for you to exercise that finger?
  3. your av is okay; Mine is awesome, and classic.
  4. that is how it should be; some people take things far too seriously on an internet forum that isn't even respected by the company it is dedicated too; people develop relationships online and a public statement in regards to any ban should always be made; not brushing it under the rug on a don't tell policy. then again; if his ban wasn't as a result of the fueltv upload; then it shouldn't have been listed accompanied with his ban.
  5. do the moderators here still operate under the guise that they don't have to explain their actions, as unjust and corrupt as they may be; to the posters here who are the only reason this forum is operational and not completely dead? fueltv has the rights to those videos; which is why they are on youtube in the first place.
  6. the guy in the video's name is KRYME; and he posts at Carnivale.
  7. nobody, they're all far too lazy and busy ducking Carnivale; carnivale will takeover the predictions league.
  8. I think the general state of this forum prompted the thread initially; ps. Serb; you're approved my brother.
  9. that cheeseburger walrus wouldn't even be a sideshow at the Carnivale
  10. I have K-1 level e-beefing skills; comb hat me brow; legopig is haired.
  11. don't stroke his ego bro; he is nearly 40 and takes drawception serious.
  12. come get him shinny; he is weak and celebrating passover as we speak;
  13. lego takes the internet serious as hell; and is probably in his mid-30's.
  14. oldest joke in the book and you're entertained? fail.
  15. lol suck my **** at carnivale legopig; go back to posting at cameldog with those losers where you belong; everyone here still adds more to the ufc forums than you ever have.
  16. Carnivale is the only drug any of you need; and that goes for sexxxpac and sobercuban especially.
  17. shinsplint needs to stop ducking dcent.
  18. more or less fact; 09 was the ****; 12'ers twelving should not be tolerated.
  19. you've been approved for awhile bro; hit us up anytime.
  20. Riot; why do you duck the carnivale so hard bro? it aint the same without the entire crew.
  21. marijuana ****ography girlfriend zoology cryptozoology horror films xbox 360 working out violence rapping not in any specific order.
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