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  1. Yeah' date=' questioning why people post here.

    Talking about bans.

    Promoting another site.

    I rest my case.[/quote']


    you still can't talk about bans here? over 2 years later? I've seen countless others do it, but when i make jokes, which those posts clearly are, it becomes unacceptable? i didn't even name drop in any of those posts. like i said; inside jokes for those posters who post 'here' and 'there'


    there are A lot more than you may realize.


    I was specifically told that constantly posting the url of your forum in was off-limits; so i don't; but links to blogs/forums in signatures were allowed.

  2. Maybe you missed my last message to you.

    I always liked you man. I thought very highly of you.

    But now you come on here and talk about how bad this forum sucks. How bad the mods are. even question people posting here.

    The you try to recruit people for another wanna be forum.

    Enough is enough man. If you hate it here' date=' and the mods, so much, then stop posting here.

    I can, and will arrange that if your current theme does not change.

    Bash me all you want to man. It doesn't matter. Not one bit.

    Been through this crap a hundred times.

    Do not call Leonie "Dear" in a smart *** way again.[/quote']


    LOL... I've never spoken once about how bad the mods here are... at least Not in over a year before i took my leave of absence, i'm friends with a few of the newer mods... and I don't trash this forum; I don't question people posting here; the people I joke with understand it is friendly ribbing; shin, riot, barber etc. They're my people and I talk to them outside of this forum; you don't need to be so upset about simple things like that. I've also always shown respect to leonie; so don't try to pretend like you know the context in which I'm speaking; she can handle herself which is why she chooses to interact with the males on the forum;


    there is a reason I've not been banned when all the OG posters who i came up with have been; it is because I did Not get involved in that ********.

  3. dunno dfwGSP or whatever has been up front w/ me when I've asked him about ish .. same w/ enigma


    that is how it should be; some people take things far too seriously on an internet forum that isn't even respected by the company it is dedicated too;


    people develop relationships online and a public statement in regards to any ban should always be made; not brushing it under the rug on a don't tell policy.


    then again; if his ban wasn't as a result of the fueltv upload; then it shouldn't have been listed accompanied with his ban.

  4. do the moderators here still operate under the guise that they don't have to explain their actions, as unjust and corrupt as they may be; to the posters here who are the only reason this forum is operational and not completely dead?


    fueltv has the rights to those videos; which is why they are on youtube in the first place.

  5. How about all you carnival (thats how you spell it you mongs) people here just **** off to your rinky dink minor league forum and ***** about member here and keep it to yourselves and stop poisoning our forum.


    lol suck my **** at carnivale legopig; go back to posting at cameldog with those losers where you belong;


    everyone here still adds more to the ufc forums than you ever have.

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