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  1. other then Nick from UK, this was my guy from the start. i like his attitude, i like when he lost his teeth and still went on. i like the heart & interviews, on camera time & comments. he is a goof but serious at the same time just seems like a guy i'd hang around. i'm for him all the way to make the final and get to fight D. Frankie 'The Molester" Lester
  2. aye. from the first episode & i saw all the guys that eventually made it into the house i was going for nick & frankie lester. nick because of his build, reminds me alot of myself. he has a good attitude, and you never saw him talking **** once. he let his game do the talking
  3. new on here. 1st post. from canada, 21. favourite fighters are clay guida, kendall grove, terry etim, matt brown, brandon vera, & GSP i guess because he's canadian champion. dan hornbuckle for outside of UFC MMA contingent. anyways thats that. nobody cares. i'm gonna keep it moving
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