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  1. Lennox Lewis Georges Laraque Rick Rypien
  2. ps. Riot, SSGE, you mother****ers are disappointing me.
  3. if somebody is hating on your bankshot..... they're just jelly' start yelling out 'TIM DUNCAN' every time you shoot. instant credibility.
  4. you can tell A LOT from a person by their ****ing retarded status updates which are begging to be trolled and put in their place. a simple 'Like' on a negative status can go a long way.
  5. If OP is trolling; he is on my rape list.
  6. having not spoken for 7 years but sending a message directly to her inbox could be taken as a sign of desperation or severe creepism; i'd wait for the nonchalant facebook chat message like 'hi what's up'; where you don't immediately have to go into full detail as to why the **** you're messaging her. gnomesaiyan?
  7. yeah actually, it is hard for them to control themselves when you're this ****ing ravishing. i just give them fake numbers though to play puppetmaster with their ego.
  8. i wouldn't; i would wait until she is online and message her in chat; that way you aren't waiting for a response and would know if the ***** is legit avoiding responding; plus going into inbox and messaging takes a lot more work than opening chat and saying what up; you don't want to look too interested bruv.
  9. you're welcome; '09 OG isn't a choice, it is a way of life.
  10. say exactly what i said to say, minus calling her a ***** and being all creepy like I would; supercreepy only works if you're really handsome, but you say she had a huge crush so i see no reason it wouldn't work; be yourself mane
  11. i do it all the time; start with "hey what's up, i'm bored and just noticed you online' then move on to, 'damn ***** you look good, what've you been up to?' chicks dig confidence and compliments; they also dig creepers.
  12. damn, good ****ing point... most females are better to look at than to talk to. Pilks 1 Facebook 0
  13. uhhhh.. just hit her up on chat and say what's up what the hell is the point of facebook if you don't talk to people on your 'friends' list
  14. Timothy Treadwell? he dead. raped by bears I think.,
  15. you mean to tell me you aren't who you say you are? I thought this was the internet...........
  16. that sucks BAM; you gave her the engagement ring? or you still have it? because I'd be hard pressed enough to find a dumb ***** who would keep an engagement ring after breaking it off with a guy, an 18 year old kid none the less.
  17. you ducking the Carnivale? I'm positive you were accepted Jonesy; you need to add to our UK contingent.
  18. I ****ing missed you bruv; long time man. ps. Not sure if krangs told you but you've been approved. hit us up; i'm up with kryme & dcent right now.
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