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  1. do you post on any other forum? that is not MMA related? and No; i meant forum devaluing every second as past loses its shine to the filth of the present
  2. I like this response almost as much as i did the original :fap
  3. I replied to your zombie thread; zombies and horror in general make me happy; for the sake of this thread so do marijuana, good food and *******.
  4. 3rd season of the walking dead doesn't premiere until next october; and i'm a horror deity with an unquestionable hunger for all things zombie; there are a few interesting zombie flicks coming out in 2012; Resident Evil Retribution; World War Z, REC3, Condition Dead, Zombie Massacre, Zombie Christ, Jesus hates Zombies, Zombie Hood etc. etc. blahblahblah
  5. are you implying you rely on marijuana to make you happy?... that makes me sad.
  6. LOL OP said 'fight' as a term to describe the soap opera in tights.
  7. I missed you sober; it aint been the same bruv
  8. I'll reserve my judgement for when i see how Honest Abe handles these ****ing blood-suckers!
  9. Stomp is my homie; I should have never left him years ago.
  10. soccer sucks **** unless you're playing it. I'm sure genius tacticians are the only ones that watch but it doesn't change the fact it is ****ing ridiculously boring.
  11. it is common knowledge that shaq has formal mma training; and that canseco is more than slightly brain damaged; shaq via anything he wants.
  12. considering MJ & Rodman are nearly 50 and KG/Pierce are a shell of their former selves; definitely beatable. /greenfont
  13. I play 2K12; your team covers all bases; Chandler/Wallace/Kobe cover up for Calderon & Bargnani's defensive deficiencies; while they can exploit their offensive superiority due to Kobe/Aldridge generating all the attention.
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