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  1. PA3 > PA2 > PA1 > The Entire Saw Series. RT; The Horror Aficionado has spoken.
  2. weakthread/10 all the best posters from the glory days of UFC.com no longer post here; there are a few 09'ers that stuck around that raise your stock slightly but it isn't enough to try to be braggadocios about another forum; every time i sign on here I see threads about cameldog; and you say they're obsessed with sherdog? LOL
  3. **** I forgot my gimmick also has the same impeccable taste that I do; what a ****ing killer list. I would replace BIG with 2pac; Celph is included in AOTP for me; can't ****ing believe i forgot AZigga; top 5 lyricist of all-time IMHO. would have also included Kabuto the Python, Hop & Saigon on my list; including some old-school mixtape murderers like Papoose, Cory Gunz & Grafh in their prime. My KRYME gimmick always has my back.
  4. Big L Jus Allah Jedi Mind Tricks Army of the Pharoahs Cage Royce Da 5'9" Classified Ras Kass Lupe Fiasco Onyx Ol' Dirty Bastard Wu-Tang Juju Mob essentially the same list i had in the first 20 pages of this thread back in '09 and better than any consortium posted since
  5. that was such ********. Miguel quotes a television showed primarily aired on FOX and gets fired? but Forrest & Rashad get off the hook? disappoint.
  6. No, he is a professional and already past the age of 24; his metabolism will have slowed about as much as it is going to for the rest of the majority of his fighting career; and he is more than likely a fighter that will make the transition to HW as he naturally ages. He is however, Not a natural HW as of right now as certain clowns like to proclaim.
  7. Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell (****ing Amazing) Barry vs. Kongo (goes without saying) Edgar vs. Maynard 1&2 (o.k. not a full comeback on the account of 1 but IDGAS)
  8. If he spoke English and I was fluent in Portuguese I'd befriend the Crazy Retard too; He would be stupid not to accept. WAR TOQ!
  9. Woodley/Mein if you're into interracial and fantasy rape ****... and Mein is barely legal; I can't believe they let Woodley get off...
  10. zigzagzig


    LOL whisperfeet; you're starting to sound like JP. be careful; I heard they'll steal your shoes, eat your brains and kidnap your children...
  11. Anderson GSP Jon Jones Aldo Frankie Edgar Cruz Dos Santos
  12. you think you know but you have no idea; who was it?
  13. your 2009; 39 post account is worth 10,000 gold dinar.
  14. 09' should be a requirement; nubs aren't trustworthy.
  15. Jack has the experience we're looking for; Jack for Mod; 2011.
  16. We own a website that legally transfers donairs into bitcoins with 15% interest.
  17. me & KRYME have a 70% share holders stake in DeepWeb.
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