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  1. JP will win via ballot stuffing; he is great at tattling on his brethren and playing teachers pet' that is just the rumor though; I like the list; It contains 70% double-agents.
  2. oh how I miss every one of my posts containing ****** **** ****** in every other sentance, ****
  3. Nope; OTU sub-forum Champion right over hyeah; way back play back. Jon Jones has Terrell Owens level basketball skill; slightly below that of Justin Bieber.
  4. 09'ers gonna 09' 10'ers gonna be jelly; why are the 09'ers always the good posters?
  5. grape juice is good; but i prefer cranberry.
  6. NG has more than 3 total active posters that aren't a KRYME gimmick? news to me.
  7. I won UFC Fantasy Basketball in 2011 but I won't return to defend my title.
  8. OP is on point; haters just can't help themselves; *****es thrive on talking ****
  9. Harry Balls/Milos/Weedkiller LOL
  10. no sir. hoping it has nothing to do with that fat **** sherwood. too bad, my boy tyrone biggums returned last night and now this? ****ing drama drama
  11. LOL enjoy your ban krangs; or shut your pretty mouth you filthy gorgeous australian.
  12. A good thread on MW3 that stays on topic? I missed some of you guys. Bought MW3 a few days ago; Only spent a few hours total on it yet; but the campaign if played on veteran difficulty is ****ing amazing. The multiplayer online is just as good, though i think the MW2 maps are superior; I really like the gun mechanics and additions. I have a nice 2.05 k/d in around 20 matches played. Great game, I had heard bad things but it was worth the 60$
  13. the gestapo turned up the heat
  14. doc is a victim of being too awesome he doesn't belong here anymore
  15. wayne doesn't bother me on there either but i find beef funny and i can't help but take jabs; anyways; serb, perhaps you should stick around more often as well; at places.
  16. who is brittany and why does she rule? i heard she sucks; canada does hate losing though; they kill people over losing.
  17. lol wayne, i see you keeping tabs bruh; what up meng. anyways; i'm stilling 09'ing and that is all i own.
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