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  1. if OP thinks it is bad here; he should come to CD to get baptized by fire.
  2. Reported for Ignoring that Snitch Krangs :cool:
  3. BBC P4P; ZIG TOP5DOA. 09'ers > 10'ers tenning. Vader; despite your OG'ness; was once a little do-good ****** by the name of Anakin... :cool:
  4. there is no questioning contained in the OP; just observations & positive reinforcement.
  5. what IS funny at CD will be used here. the personal information exploitation, unbridled cursing; racism & pedophile jokes about family members will not be.
  6. this thread is invaluable in regards to bringing issues to the forefront of discussion; my original topical direction holds truth; it actually is a welcoming sign to see things get done.
  7. Strikeforce? Pride/WEC? it is refreshing to see after months of counter-productive leadership over here.
  8. zig > the entire first post of names dropped in this thread; handily.
  9. i've got over 1k posts there now; they have 3 or 4 actual good posters that can talk mma; i would have prefered you stuck around force (to improve the empire subforum) but as i've said over there multiple times; their mma talk aint got **** on what is here (despite the tuf nub trolls) i don't mind the **** talking though because i'm p4p at doing it; obvious *****es are obvious(most of the original cameldog posters that didnt come from here are *******);. there are tons of good posters over there though; i.e. kryme, dcent, exodus, cayne, bbc, riot, etc but majority sadly stick to the stoned & wasted section, i can count the good original cameldog members on one hand . weak point is there are only 5-6 decent mma discussion type posters there, myself included.
  10. in 10 years people will be riding with Rory Mac & asking 'GSP who the ****?" JK. He has always been supported by me though; his showing vs. Condit was just the start after i watched him take Joker Guymon's arm off. Rory is 7 seconds away from being 12-0 w/ wins over Condit/Nate Diaz at WW. Not bad for a 21 year old canadian kid.
  11. i knew the capabilities of Rory but those suplex's were the highlight of the night for me; but for most surprising overall; i'd definitely say the mutant growing from Machine's forehead & it going all 5 was 'most shocking' to the masses. i didn't like Garza on TUF; but he looked very active @ 145; was really hoping he'd get KTFO by Jabouin.
  12. photoshopped we tore that **** up on 4chan days ago.
  13. i've been proven to be related to Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada's First PM; great great great great grandfather. there is also a Spanish Pirate & Irish Princess in the records; their story is integral in settling Eastern Canada.
  14. Monday: Chicago Lakers Tuesday: Celtics Oklahoma Wednesday: Chicago Lakers
  15. zigzagzig


    entire picture is win LOL@wolverine placed strategically in the back.
  16. if you like a challenge in owning the mentally challenged........ you know where to come clegg..
  17. i never choose to play as a female; whenever i have it was required ala Tomb Raider, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil etc.
  18. i don't hate ya but i will kill ya.
  19. Monday Memphis Portland Oklahoma City Tuesday Orlando Chicago Lakers
  20. Kranga baby, you're looking awesome today.
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