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  1. lol your a funny guy. Sorry everyone. I only do my dancing in the cage. bring it Anderson! srs
  2. The real question is would you give Anderson 1 billion dollars to get a beat down from me. Thats the real question. Do you think Anderson would take 1 billion dollars to have a fight with bright for 1 minute? I would pound his face into the canvas and make him look even more of a fool than Chael did.
  3. 1) How many beers did it take? 2) What age were you? 3) Where were you and explain how the night went. ME: 1) 3 beers (Blue) 2) 18 3) Camp with friends. It was awesome. Great night. I wasn't hung over at all the next day but i was completely out of it the night before. I have drank 2 times since then and it has been horrible and stupid. Not as fun as the first time. Not even close.
  4. every champion at the moment is pretty much bald. The president is bald. The Ferttitas are bald. When Sonnen is the champ it will change everything
  5. You mean Anderson Silva fans. GSP fans state facts and opinions that are legit. EXAMPLE: GSP fan: 1) GSP would beat Anderson because he would outwrestle him. Is might be boring, but Anderson couldn't stop Sonnen (he subbed him), but i dont see Georges getting subbed. I see him winning via UD. ANDERSON fan: 2) GSP wouldn't win. haha. Tap to strikes safe boy grease fan boy lover. (((they would then go on to post 2 losses GSP has had, but they don't even recognize that Anderson has lost more than GSP has. I don't care if it was in the UFC or not))), then they would say that Anderson is too big for GSP (thats their only argument) Size doesn't matter. Look at Velasquez and Brock. Prime example. So to be honest, Anderson fans are horible. I actually remember doing a fan poll and i think around 70% of this forum is Anderson fans. GSP being the next popular, then Wanderlei, Chuck, Brock, ect...
  6. Not even close. Rory is good, not great. At least not yet.
  7. I dont hate Dan but he messed up. Diaz didn't deserve another shot. At least for that card he didn't. He deserved an undercard to show that he is serious about fighting in the UFC. Give him Kampmann. He will beat him and show how much of a fool he is.
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