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  1. Lol bright2342334 you are too scared to do your youtube bet' date=' i doubt you would get in front of millions to fight Anderson Silva.


    You are worse than Nick Diaz,at least he can make youtube videos.[/quote']

    Set the fight up. I GUARANTEE you i would beat him down. He has a chance of course. My wrestling would take over. He wouldn't be able to stop my takedowns. I would train to GnP him until he taps to strikes.


    Set it up.

  2. this is going to sound sad...


    1) 3 pints


    2) 22 years old


    3) First night out to the bar with a group of college buddies at the start of the year. I never was a drinker' date=' largely since I had experimented with other substances in high school and didn't really care for having my consciousness altered, so I never really drank. That was until a bunch of us went out after class and in an effort to get to know everyone better (since I was going to be doing group projects with them for 2 years straight) I decided to go out. When I normally go out I keep it at one pint then stop, but since it was a large group of people, and a few people aware that I don't drink made it their mission to get me hammered, my one pint kept getting filled by the pitchers on the table, so I kept drinking. It took me around three pints for me to start feeling drunk, and since I was kind of in it and it was a new experience, I decided to take it as far as I could go and rolled with it. At the end of the night, I had about 8 pints and a few shots, and woke up the next morning on the floor at another classmates house. Walking into class the next day (my first drinking experience happened on a Thursday, so no rest) I was greeted by applause, so I must have made an epic *** of myself. Teachers started approaching me with their favorite hangover cures. But it was good fun, and after that I was pretty much drinking until college was over.


    Funny enough, I don't really drink much anymore. Only times are when I get together with college buddies or with my brother when we are too cheap to get the PPV (stupid because we end up spending more at the bar anyway).[/quote']


    lol that must have been a crazy night if the teachers were talking about it. haha

  3. How many beers did it take you? Damn' date=' posts like this remind me of the sad reality that the majority of posters here are probably 16-19 years old.[/quote']


    Im 18. Why are you mad bro?


    Its a question. Sure if i asked it in the UFC section i would look like a ******. When you get threads about NOTHING. "literally", i think this thread would bring up some good and funny stories.


    You obviously have no sense of respect or humor. or maybe you will regret what you said. what. because your 50 years old you are cool? lmao

  4. 1) How many beers did it take?


    2) What age were you?


    3) Where were you and explain how the night went.





    1) 3 beers (Blue)


    2) 18


    3) Camp with friends. It was awesome. Great night. I wasn't hung over at all the next day but i was completely out of it the night before. I have drank 2 times since then and it has been horrible and stupid. Not as fun as the first time. Not even close.

  5. I wanna get passed them and go to bed' date=' but I can't disturb them, I need to take a ninja approach, but I'm a noisy **** when moving. Help me homies! :o[/quote']

    why don't you man the F up and walk by it. The reason your so nervous is because you haven't grown balls yet. Who cares if they are doing the deed. Walk right by. Its your brothers fault if you see them.


    your deff. a child.

  6. You mean Anderson Silva fans. GSP fans state facts and opinions that are legit.




    GSP fan: 1) GSP would beat Anderson because he would outwrestle him. Is might be boring, but Anderson couldn't stop Sonnen (he subbed him), but i dont see Georges getting subbed. I see him winning via UD.


    ANDERSON fan: 2) GSP wouldn't win. haha. Tap to strikes safe boy grease fan boy lover. (((they would then go on to post 2 losses GSP has had, but they don't even recognize that Anderson has lost more than GSP has. I don't care if it was in the UFC or not))), then they would say that Anderson is too big for GSP (thats their only argument)


    Size doesn't matter. Look at Velasquez and Brock. Prime example.



    So to be honest, Anderson fans are horible. I actually remember doing a fan poll and i think around 70% of this forum is Anderson fans. GSP being the next popular, then Wanderlei, Chuck, Brock, ect...

  7. I dont hate Dan but he messed up. Diaz didn't deserve another shot. At least for that card he didn't.


    He deserved an undercard to show that he is serious about fighting in the UFC. Give him Kampmann. He will beat him and show how much of a fool he is.

  8. I watched it on some dvd case. My step dad said "yea these guys literally fight no rules locked in a cage". I watched a little bit of it and was like HOLY ****. i was only like 12 i think.


    Eventually i saw UFC on Spike. I loved watching Veras KO headkicks and GSP's dominate victories. Not always finishes, but he would always walk over people.


    When you first got into/started watching MMA, what did you think? Were you at first against it at all? lets hear some stories.

  9. So' date=' IYO what makes you a man?[/quote']

    what makes me a man?


    Well i have a job. I have goals. Im going to college. I am a hard worker. I have chores that need to be done. Im responsible....The list goes on and on. I could go into dirty things. I could keep going. Many of you are children who haven't even hit Puberty yet and bash everyone. eventually you will (well hopefully) MAN the F up. all you guys do is post here. Shinsplint has like 80 posts on average everyday. I post here every day. But on average 4-5 times.

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