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  1. You wanna know what i think. I dont give a flying ****. let people do what they want to do. Its not like they are killing (murdering) anyone. People need to stop being so critical now-a-days. Seriously. Just man the F up and worry about yourself.
  2. kid, your a loser. I saw how weak you are. Before you posted that you thought you could kick everyones ***. You have no life. go out and get some friends.
  3. lmao. Son. balls dropping? You wonder why i have so much testosterone running through my body. Its called being a man. And no. I admit it. Ive NEVER done roids. So that shows that much more. You guys cry so much.
  4. congrats. You are an idiot. Ducking the question and statement because your insecure so you attack GSP. i could care less buddy. You need to man up and grow a pair.
  5. What you guys don't understand is that i have better cred than 98% of this forum now. i have shown videos, pictures. You have shown nothing. You could all be robots for all i know. I have a higher status than all of you. Not that i care. But talk all the **** you want. It will make you look ;like a fool unless you show me something other than your crap smack talk.
  6. Its funny how i post pictures and you all cry about it and try to pick point a blemish of acne on the left side of my face. You them blame me for using steroids. Then you say my nose is big. Then you say that im still a douch even though you don't know me. Then you say that your better than me. 1) Where is your pictures? If you have pictures good. I don't care if your jacked or not. But i am 100% sure i could find points about you and laugh all over you. But you guys are all chicken *****. Expect a couple people who actually complemented me.
  7. lmao. Your boy Diaz is a *****!!! DONT BE SCARED HOMIE! haha. You attack me son, but you got no pictures to show. You got no cred. AND you fail to talk about FAIL DIAZ
  8. You guys are all hiding it. Im the forum favorite by far. i understand you all don't want to admit it. But anyways, i truly am not fond of Doc and Junglebird. Do you guys even know who they are? They could be the biggest nerds who act nice behind a computer. I mean Doc would be a nobody if he didn't have his childish "Lets make fake pictures" thread.
  9. Your just jealous of my pics. You know i would flaten you. And yes, i do have quite a big nose. But not bigger than Ariel, which is good.
  10. NERD? lol. go look at my pictures. Im no nerd buddy.
  11. The real question is why r u still here? I posted pictures and you didn't. I have more cred than you. Im more known. Ive been here longer. Why are you still here?
  12. 1) Diaz misses press conference. Condit moves in to face GSP. 2) Dana says he will never trust Diaz again. He can't make it to a press conference and he can't even trust him to make a fight. 3) Dana gives Diaz the fight against BJ Penn which interests me. BUT! You can't honestly tell me that this was a right move. Diaz screwed up. He missed 3 flights to get to this press conference. He didn't want GSP. He was going to get paid big money and he was scared. Face it. But why on this EARTH would you give him another shot? He should have been gone! History! Let me tell you something. - - - - - Do you know how many fighter train their ASSES off to win one fight. to get THAT much closer to a title shot. to get THEIR shot? Many. And for someone to mess up like that. The fight he promised Dana he would go through everything. He WANTED GSP in interviews but i guess he just got scared. Sneaking out of his trainers home. SAD is what it is. Putting a youtube video up of NO explanation. He got offered more than a million dollars and he turned the fight down and Dana gave him 3 CHANCES. Well, let me tell you something. If you run away from a title shot, than you got problems. You don't deserve anything. Because if your in the UFc. Its either title or no title. If your not fighting for the top, your horrible. I can't wait for Penn to beat him down and i hate Dana right now for giving this NO LIFE a shot. Think about Fitch/Kampmann ect... These guys have done the work. They would have made it. Foolish move. And no, im not mad. IN B4 i didn't read this.
  13. If it is Anderson, i just won't even know what to say. It won't. Im like 90% sure it won't.
  14. yea. And he said I THINK it will still be on OCT29th. Which could mean they are still debating if he can make the weight or not. :eek:
  15. bright508620

    Nick Diaz...

    Nick diaz is a tool who deserves nothing. Think about what he did. 1) He WANTS GSP BAD. 2) He agrees with Dana about everything (conferences, hyping the fight, ect... w/e) then... 1) He doesn't make 3 consecutive flights for a press conference. 2) He runs away from his coach. 3) He makes a video in his car with no REAL explanation. 4) He says he wants GSP in the same video, but at the same time he blew his shot and he knew it. 5) The biggest championship belt of the world in the best organization. FLEW RIGHT BY HIM. How to F can you think Diaz wanted GSP? He either ducked him or he just needs some major help.
  16. Im a huge Guida fan, but i think Henderson is too athletic for Guida. Guida has the heart and soul to push far, but i see Henderson dominating him in every area. It suks, because i really wanted Guida to slide into a title shot, but the UFC does well. Guida needs to prove himself. IF HE DOES. Congrats to him. But i really do see Henderson going all the way to a title shot and winning. I see him for sure being the next champion. He is so dominate.
  17. If Penn vs Melendez were to happen, it would be EPIC. I mean Penn wouldn't be a GREAT win for Melendez, but it would probably give him a title shot after Guida/Henderson get one. So it doesn't really make sense. I think Diaz should be cut. He has not heart. WHO turns down a championship fight for millions of dollars in the biggest organization in the world in which you have wanted your whole life? NO ONE. Diaz ducked GSP. Every smart person knows it. You don't miss 3 flights. So Diaz should be cut. I think Penn should get Fitch. Sure, its a boring fight. But just because the fans don't want it, Fitch deserved it. Hes winning. He is a great fighter as well. Boring, but great. He is the on who deserves him. If not, i could see Melendez, but i think if that fight happened, Melendez would have to fight 2 guys before fighting for the UFC belt. And i doubt he wants to do that.. We will find out. I love the Melendez situation. If that doesn't work out. Fitch. Or MacDonald.
  18. I look forward to every season. The new FOX format will NOT be added to this season. Thats for TUF 14 and on. I am excited as always. Im hoping the fights will be great. Sure, the extra drama added in the coaches should be good, but i don't really see much happening. Im actually more excited for the new FORMAT FOX is bringing. That will be very interesting.
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