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  1. i think Marquardt.lol. i wish. but honestly i think it should be either fitch or KAMPMANN.
  2. The level of retards on this forum has reached and all time high.
  3. GREG JACKSON NOT COACHING EITHER. Nice. I think its a good choice. And i know i failed with the zahabi thing. lol
  4. No. GSP is GSP because he is GSP. GSP runs GSP's gameplan. Althought people help him, Fahabi or whatever his trainer is IS just as smart.
  5. i got GSP. a tougher fight than Diaz would give him but i Condit isn't ready for this. I think he will be shell shocked when he has to do press conferences right away and interviews. Its almost like its unbelievable. But it is. Its true. I don't think he will be ready for GSP. What do you think?
  6. DIAZ DUCKED ST PIERRE hahahahahaha wait guys. You know what would have been funny? Is if Diaz comes in half way through the press conference!!! lmao. That would be bad
  7. bright508620


    I cant believe dana actually did this! Im so HAPPY! But im mad because condit doesn't desrve him. It should be Silva.
  8. dude there are only 2 seats?
  9. Good Job. But Epic fail when you tried the Chuck Liddell arms out celebration at the end.
  10. 3. I don't like the black and white. It makes the white stand out more than the black which makes it look awkward. The fighters should be bigger. I like the highlight reel, but you should make that bigger too.
  11. WHO DO YOU WANT TO LOSE? Most of the time everyone would say GSP because he is boring. But now that Diaz left GSP at the conference without letting them know earlier. Showing complete disrespect. He is a tool. And you could call this cheating. Seriously. 1 or 2 extra training sessions COULD add up. I wish Dana would cut him on the spot, and make GSP/Silva. It would work out perfectly. Diaz is such a tool and i lost total respect for the fool. I mean at least let him know before GSP goes out of his camp for media.
  12. I will fight Anderson anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Its simple. I would out muscle him to the ground where i would LnP his ***. SURE, theres no way i could beat him in a standup fight or trying to finish him, but i GUARANTEE you i would beat him in a fight. Tell him to try me, Give me 8 weeks to prepare. I would win. GUARANTEED.
  13. I know when i was on hardcore painkillers in the hospital, I believe it was endocet. I was taking at least 6 of those pills DAILY for at least a month. I was almost dead because of a staph infection that settled down inside me. I eventually recovered but damn. BUT ANYWAYS. i went off cold turkey. Well kind of. I went down to taking 1 pill because my thought was this.. "if i don't need them for pain, why am i taking them?"
  14. OP your a moron. Now go watch Phil Davis vs Brian Stann and tell me Sonnen will lose this fight. It will be a close fight simply because i think Stanns camp is more into gameplans than Sonnen. But Sonnen is a grinder. You can't stop a GOOD grinder. Hes going to Lay on Stann and break him. The only way stann can win is if he sub's Sonnen which won't happen. I see this figh going similar to the Sonnen/Marquardt fight. Similar
  15. Just slowly wean off them. Its gonna be hard. But everything in life most of the time is hard. Just suck it up. MAN THE F UP. and DO IT. I keep telling people to stop crying like little girls. Just man up. Its gonna suk. Ok. do it and man the f up
  16. You guys are tools. You don't realize how good GSP is. Although he is boring, he has been THEE most dominate champion. Jones has dominated, but not even close to as much as GSP has. Silva got tooled by Sonnen. Hes out. He has poor TDD. Still great, but GSP is the true champion. Boring or not, hes the most dominate. No one has ever controlled him. Also a lot of you don't know that MMA is a lot harder than it looks. GSP sacrifices more than anyone of you would. Its not just "fight", its your life. Its hard. Its tough. It suks most of the time. All for the sacrifice to become the champion. Don't post Serra or Hughes pics unless you post pics of Silvas losses.
  17. no. where did i say anything about that? You need help
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