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  1. wheres your pic son? i know your not talking to me, but it seems like that is a pic of...you?
  2. omgg hahahaha. That must have been so bad. Grade 9. When all the girls are getting matured and if they saw you (hopefully they didn't) you would have been scarred until college.
  3. Sonnen is the best MW in the world. Everyone knows it. He doesn't hold the belt. But his skills of everything OTHER than JJ is the best. Everyone knows it. He outboxed, outwrestled, outworked, outconditioned, outstrengthened Silva. Silva even was losing in the JJ department due to Sonnen passing his guard. He finally won at the end so he stole the JJ performance. We all know Chael is going to beat Silva. Silva ****s will be mad and call him old and tat hes past his prime. If Randy couture can win a fight past 45 than your not fully past your prime until at the least 40. Silva is good. In his prime right now. Even getting better. But wont make it by Sonnen. imo
  4. show us. Go and find it. oh sorry, you have a bigger va JJ than your mother.
  5. Oh and the first picture was during football season. Before the wrestling season.
  6. oh and btw, im the next Chael Sonnen. I will be in your sig eventually.
  7. Im not lying bro. I didn't cheat. I started by dieting down PRE season. Very hard while staying as hydrated as possible. I made weigh ins at 152. certified. Then as the season went on i ate more and cut more. It was as simple as that. I was also working my BALLS off every single day.
  8. Dude just post them and be a man. I cared about his pictures. He looks like a good dad/uncle.
  9. Sorry bro, i will push you all the way up against the wall, take you down, outwork you, grind you down (no gay), and finish you.
  10. I am 170 in the top picture. 152 in the wrestling picture. And the last picture i was probably 170 as well.
  11. post a pic Kranga. Cmon man. You can't get worse than JP24. Seriously.
  12. This is Mast0don guys: . Congrats on being a man and posting.
  13. bant? Sorry im not understanding.
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