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  1. post some pics son. not of your ugly mom. im talking about you
  2. So now since i posted my pics, im asking you politely to show just one picture of yourself. Please? Dont ***** out
  3. ?. I cut about 8-10 pounds every weigh in.
  4. and you waste your life on fake pictures. Let me tell you something son. You can try and create life the way you want to and make yourself dream. But someday, you have to understand that you have to deal with life face to face. lmao Oh and what makes you say you know me? do you know me? I would seriously like to know. Because if you did i would be your best friend and you would most likely be a scrub to me. good day son.
  5. btw Kranga. If that post of your picture is true. IN OTHER THREAD You look a **** ton more knowledgeable than anyone else on this forum. including me.
  6. i don't know. I forgot his name. HOLD ON.. look below... i saw this a while ago
  7. he probably did. And btw, im not a bully. They all hate me because i don't like Anderson. Just because im not his fan doesn't mean i think he suks. lol
  8. u got a pic. I guarantee you are some slob behind the computer. Jus sayin
  9. a bit. Im 18 what can i say. The last picture its much cleared up .O what r u saying. im on peds? all clean and hard work son.
  10. Post a pic of yourself son... You got nothing. Until you show yourself. NOTHING.
  11. Im not a keyboard warrior. Nor a geek behind the screen. Also, someone called me out to post a picture of myself a week ago. here you go son.
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