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  1. Why wouldn't you go to ANY event if you can? Thats just plain stupid to deny it.
  2. I think Hughes would win. But it would be close. I think Kos would be scared of hughes and hughes is no joke. His wrestling i amazing. Top quality. BUT i think that his age COULD affect him.
  3. He didn't get hurt. HE ALWAYS HURT. u gotta be kidding me. He makes excuses ALL DAY. Chael will beat him down and i cant wait.
  4. I stumped you all. just kidding. But really JP24? All that smack talk and nothing to back it up? Didn't you say you were a LEAN 165 pounder? Well that is me wrestling at 152. That is me at 170 for the first picture. LMAO.
  5. Jeez, why don't all you guys grow a pair and man up. your all crying like you don't have your mommy by your side.
  6. yea. If he did he would be the GOAT hands down.
  7. damn bro. Really good.
  8. Sorry bro. I respect your opinion. But i have a chance against Anderson. So don't you. don't act like that. It makes you look like an idiot. Everyone has a chance. and Rashad? Has at the very least a "good" chance IMO.
  9. lol. Leben would get GRIFFINED. lmao
  10. GSP is not TOO SCARED. GSP NEVER ducked a fight. He said it himself. Hes mad about ll the talk about him ducking Anderson. Watch the interview with him (fox interview with Ariel Helwani). He never ducks anyone. Dana gave him the Diaz fight and he took what the UFC gives him. Now he might think fighting Anderson is a bad career decision right now but if Dana asks him to, I guarantee you he will do it.
  11. all of these fights interest me. But all of them would be loses for Anderson. IMO. Jones would take him down most likely and keep his distance. GSP would UD him with his superior wrestling and gameplan. Sonnen will (i think this fight will for sure happen) do the same thing, but i think he will work more PUNISHING GnP and he will be prepared to work even harder than he did last time so he can escape submission attempts late in the fight,
  12. Have you seen the training footage with Machida/Silva? Machida rag dolls him. Way more than he did to Rashad. But we can't draw 100% conclusions out of that. Just saying though.
  13. Rashad is much like Sonnen. With wayy better SUB defence. I see Rashad taking this one. remember styles make fights. Rashad being bigger, stronger, and a great wrestling and pressure fighter. Silva would get wrecked. The only way i see Anderson winning is a triangle. But thats rare with a big strong, motivated, in shape Rashad.
  14. bright508620

    Silva-Hendo II

    This fight would all depend if Henderson was in good shape. And you never know when his CHUCK LIDDELL like downfall will happen. But i see this being a GREAT fight. I could see Anderson getting KTFO, but at the same time, if Henderson gasses, hes DONE. He would need to attack and i think he would do awesome. I also think its great because Anderson won't be able to take him down like Shields did. So He Henderson can focus on his standup like crazy. I wouldn't be suprised if Anderson crushed him though. Depends if Dan attacks or not.
  15. ANYONE would have given Silva a better fight. Silva is very talented. BUT, Okami did absolutely NOTHING. the only thing he did was press him up against the cage. And thats nothing. Its sad that was the most effective thing he did. Chael is the guy would can take Anderson out. If he gets by Stann (i believe he will), we will see a rematch and we will finally find out that Anderson is no more than beating him with pressure. Anderson stays outside and gets very confident. He makes his opponents freeze up by putting his hands down and acting like a ninja. All you have to do is get inside on him. Hes not the strongest middleweight. Chael exposed him and i think we will see that again. Will Chael get submitted again though? That is the big question. Okami blew his chance though. He did nothing. Bisping would get crushed because hes not an attacker. Hes a laid back fighter. It works with certain guys. But with Anderson and his pinpoint strikes, top end movement. You cant let him stand still and work his dance.
  16. Cruz is WAY over the "has a chance" Mighty mouse. Cruz takes it via TKO.
  17. oh bo here we go. Your wrong. Heres why... Okami did nothing. Well if someone puts there hands down, you either A) step back and do nothing. or charge in like Sonnen does. Anderson is not even close to unstoppable. Hes a great fighter but he freezes fighters because they have no idea what to do when he gets in his groove mode. It depends on GSP's gameplan. Im sure he would take him down and beat on him.
  18. No. he should avoid GSP at all costs. GSP would beat him. Jones vs Silva would be amazing. that is if Jones proves himself against Rampage and Rashad FIRST HAND. GSP is lot better than all the Silva fans think. Just because he always goes to decision doesn't mean that Silva would tool him. It would be a great fight but GSP would come out on top most likely.
  19. This^^ It will most likely be Henderson vs Machida/Shogun. The other fight im not sure.
  20. You have no idea what you are talking about. Lesnar won't be back til the end of the year. DUH
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