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  1. Xhojin

    JDS v Cain fixed.

    ya so did my GF. and she barely follows MMA at all. She's sitting there watching it with me asking "why doesn't he put his hands up? He has enough energy to jump in and throw body shots but not keep his hands up"
  2. Xhojin

    JDS v Cain fixed.

    First off I don't care who won. I just care that it was an obvious sham. That fight was obviously thrown in order to have a big payday rematch. 1.) JDS, one of the best strikers in the HW division suddenly doesn't keep his hands up at all. ever. not in the first round when he was fresh and not in the last round when he somehow still had energy to thrown body shots... but not put his hands up He never put his hands up instead he just stood still and let himself get tagged. 2.) Body shots. Even when he was down 3 and 4 rounds JDS, who has a ton of KOs on his record, only threw body shots on Cain, a man with a suspect chin. A notorious head hunter who is losing his fight and can now only win by KO suddenly only throws body shots on a guy that others have almost KOed. That makes no sense. 3.) Jabs to the side of Cains head. Multiple times in the fight JDS jabbed to the left side of Cains head. Cain had no head movement, didn't slip the punch yet the jab wifffed passed the left side of his head over and over. 4.) Prefight DFW said it would be great for then if Cain could win so they can capitalize on the Hispanic market. 5.) Areial Helwani is already tweeting that the rematch is gonna be next NYE So fixed.
  3. By rule you can't attack a fighter after the bell. Kizer did nothing about that. Kizer failed at his job.
  4. I would love it. Just for all the whining and drama it would cause on the internets.
  5. true.. I forgot it wasn't officially over yet. Still... Attacking the fighter after the bell is far worse then making a machine gun motion at him. Kizer is still an idiot and it's just one more instance of him being incredibly biased. Miller and Neace attack a fighter after the bell and the attacked fighter is to blame? Paul Daley attacks a fighter after the bell and is booted from the UFC and suspended. wtf.
  6. I don't care who wins the show. the best fighter should regardless of team. But I can't wait to watch Bisping smash Miller. Miller is one of the biggest ****s in the sport. Guy acts like a elementary school jock.
  7. He was one of the more impressive fighters.. but with all his cultish god mutterings I want to see him get smashed.
  8. OK maybe nothing so drastic as the title says but in all seriousness what is that guys issue? Akira makes a machine gun motion at his defeated opponent ( much like tito and kendal groves grave digging motions) and Miller, Dustin, and baldie coach attack Akira afte the fight and Kizer threatend to spend Akira?! WTF!? Kizer is an idiot. If anyone should be suspended it's miller and Neace. They attacked a fighter after the bell. nuff said.
  9. Bisping is by far the more mature coach. Miller is a disrespectful *** while Bisping is telling his fighters not to sink to that level. Bisping is trying to keep his team respectful. MIller is egging his team on to be jerks.
  10. He didn't tap. He pushed down on the guys leg trying to relieve pressure. That was by no means a definitive tap. The Orange hillbilly was stupid to let up the pressure. It's not a tap until the ref calls it. That said... I was surprised the ref didn't stop it because akira did scream in pain. and any sign of pain is a verbal tap under the unified rules.
  11. GSP will win with ease. Condit is over rated (good but over rated). Anyone remember the McD fight? Rory is basically an inexperienced GSP as a fighter (great timing, takedowns and solid technical standup) and handled Condit with ease for 2.25 rounds. GSP is still far better then Rory. I can't see Condit winning this. .... though he is more of a challenge then Diaz would have been.
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