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  1. Chael sonen's the biggest trash talker - his appeared success in the earlier rounds of the and silva fight was because anderson never really turned up the heat ! His victory over Bstann was kinda impressive though and although i hate to admit it think he might get the better of Bisping. I do beleive Chaels a roid abuser also?
  2. gevolution


    Still, was good to see one of my fav fighters do well, nice crisp technical striking. Not quite as aggressive as the Alves of old but still certainly a contendor !
  3. Oh the sarcasm on this board.. Good fight all in, bit dissapointed with GSP's lack of ability in getting gobcheck down..
  4. gevolution


    clearly i made a typo, i meant a "neanderthal". And yes ive had better looking girls than her !
  5. gevolution


    I'm ****ing beautiful and not neaderthal like ! haha
  6. Its not just you that thinks that...
  7. gevolution


    Dont think they could have gotten a more ugly, ape like ring girl.. Replace her now !
  8. I kinda liked josh as a fighter but the more ive seen of his 'persona' on TUF has made me think twice and really hope that GSP forces some humble pie on him !
  9. Clearly you cant take tongue in cheek comments.
  10. And then it occured to me when cain smashed brock... We need more savage fights, yeah the small guys fights are quick and action packed but they dont pack enough damage. I wanna see real carnage in there, i like it brutal, damn i want it gladitorial.. I want it to the death and i think prisoners should substitute the fighters for interim week fights to 1) bring down the population of the people in prison (fight to the death) thus saving you american tax dollars 2) bringing in more fans and thus more money so theres more ? for the guys at the top. Well theres my funny 5 minutes. Im going to the gym now.
  11. [quote name=IslandShortz;1164820 On the other hand' date=' Frankie Edgar looked much better than he did the first fight. He outclassed Penn, and he definitely is the undisputed champ...[/quote] Unfortunately, this comments spot on..
  12. its getting kinda annoying having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page only to find handful of posts. Whoever runs this site. Take note !
  13. Bj looked damn sloppy and as though he didnt want to win it from the outset, exactly how he looked in his last fight with FE. Absolutely gutting to see someone of his calibre lose interest to the point where he lets someone who's clearly less powerful than him manhandle him on the ground. His corner are a shambles and he really needs to wake up, smell the coffee and go back to whoever his training camp used to be as the current ones doing him no favours. I really hope he can get back on track as ive already said it'd be a massive waste of talent if this is the way hes going to carry on, not to mention the waste of his career !
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