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  1. I believe, too, that was her in the white shorts and pink top.
  2. kachuks

    UFC Primetime on Fox

    I just saw the first 10 mins. Cain and Dos Santos are the perfect ambassadors for the UFC's introduction into the mainstream. The intro segments that describe their backgrounds and upbringing, coupled with their likeability, are going to stir a lot of interest. Nobody could have scripted this any better.
  3. kachuks

    GSP looks sick

    And not in a good way. Just saw a shot of him after the Jorgensen fight and he looked weak and drained.
  4. The suplex takes a great deal of body strength and can deplete your "gas tank" by just attempting one. It's also very risky. Throwing a guy up and over you head can result in a freak blow out of a knee, or your back. There's also the most likely possibility that you will not pull it off your opponent will land on top of you, reverse and quickly be in a full mount position. Or maybe you will be extremely unlucky and you will land on your head with his body weight crashing down on it a split second later and you end up on the next DVD of Extreme Knockouts.
  5. Everyone in Japan is on the sexwagon. Why arent you?
  6. kachuks

    Rashads New Body?

    He doesn't look any bulkier. On the contrary, his muscles look more defined than ever. The guy has had a very long layover and he's obviously been taking out all that frustration in the gym. I'm expecting the guy to come in like hurricane on Saturday. Just don't get caught like Bader did.
  7. Here's some real images to go along with the ones in your head. Seriously, imagine this holding a round card. I'm not even asking for a pair of whoppers like this, all I ask for is a girl with a real, bonafide pair of c cups. That's all.
  8. I'm with you all the way. Imagine if we had an octagon girl with a rack like Katy Perry's.
  9. Ive said it before. Dana is prob the biggest Sexyama fan out there. Gushes like a little girl every time he sees him.
  10. BTW Mrs. Akiyama is way hotter. And soon we will all be graced result of this sexiest of unions. I heard that Mrs. Sexyama is pregnant.
  11. I bet he does come on here to see what people are saying about him and the UFC. He probably even has some poor intern checking every single possible post and then reporting back to him.
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