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  1. "Look at his legs", he said, when Chris Leben was choked out. Why would he want everyone to see Leben twitch? IMO Joe is a demented ****.
  2. This might be old ,but I couldn't find any threads about it in the "forum search" , so I thought I would just put it out there for those who haven't seen it. Its pretty damn funny. What makes it more funny is, Tim talks all this crap about how MMA is his world and Ray doesn't have a chance. Look.
  3. haha, looks like they're giving butterfly kisses, how awsomely gay.
  4. Guys, I wouldn't be suprised if he was released from the UFC, after the lackluster performances against Rashad and Silva. Not to mention he is 4-4 in his last 8 fights.
  5. That was an epic tko, that was the first time i seen a champion, like Franklin, be dominated from start to finish.
  6. Tito Ortiz- The best at being a ****s, the worst at having sportsmanship. Chuck Liddel- I seen through his so called toughness, the UFC was just throwing tomato cans at him for the longest time, thats why he was champ for as long as he was. Tim Sylvia- His back turned to a fighter before a fight, was he scared or just disrespectful? Matt Hughes- ****yist S.O.B on the planet, I just laughed when GSP man handled him. Frank Mir- he thought he was just good looking and a badass, well thankfully Lesnar pulled that horseshoe out.
  7. I like grunge dirt bastard fighters, he too clean for me. You know like W. Silva, D Sanchez, Clay G, Q Jackson. The dirty fighting badasses.
  8. Your posts have more significance? "Agreed" "Jardine :)" "Agreed" "Gonzaga :)" "This" "Def # 2" "+30 Million" "My Dogs ;)" "Yep" "Royce" Hypocrite, maybe?
  9. lol....What the F do you think a MMA forum is for, to give praise to all fighters?
  10. 11secknockout

    Got Fight?

    I don't know Forrest, do you? Apparently not, you are like Glass Joe from Punch Out, one hitter quitter. What a freaking joke.
  11. Would Silva can be in heavy weight division? ????????????WTF does that mean????????????
  12. Forrest Griffin should drop down 2 weight classes to Welterweight. I think his chin might hold up there.
  13. Ok, Silva would destroy Belfort, I really don't think Belfort will match up well with Franklin. Even though I hate Rich Franklin with every fiber in my body, I think if Franklin can weather the early storm, Belfort will just give up, just like in every other fight that goes past the first round.
  14. 11secknockout

    Matt Hughes

    All i know is, he's a washed up farm boy that will not ever get another title shot.
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