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  1. the best up and comer isnt even in the poll... john hathaway.
  2. nature > nurture. nature has more to do with it than nurture. with that being said, ofcourse breeding a pitbull to be vicious and a killer will make him into one.
  3. i like mayhem, but i dont see him winning this fight. and isnt he a small mw, why doesnt he cut to ww anymore?
  4. i dont really like fitch's fighting style, but hes a cool dude.
  5. i have a terrible feeling that greg jackson's camp will make guillard lnp stephens. but if he doesnt, the fight should be incredible
  6. zuffa has done a great job of hyping chael sonnen up, the fact that people think he's near the same level as gsp is just weird.
  7. other than the few minutes that tito had forrest on the ground for in their last fight, he got his **** kicked. i dont get this rematch
  8. i meant his submission offense and who hasnt randleman been submitted by? im not saying his bjj is bad btw
  9. claxp its ufc fighters only. but if you flip jose and gsp ide agree 100% with your top 5. and there is no way brock is #1 p4p. i dont think you understand the concept of p4p, sonicboomin
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