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  1. Calculon64

    mir got owned

    I saw that too. Back of the head punches
  2. ... and the winner is Shane Carwin. Mir is now again irrelevant. Why the hell Mir didn't just open up a barrage of punches just like Carwin did? Why would Mir just want to grab and hold. Mir just can't pull the trigger anymore.
  3. I have heard many times hype about a fighter coming back more dangerous after defeat and never lived up to it until tonight. Florian and Mir were super motivated. I'm now a believer. Mir inspire me tonight. He is a great example of continuation and pursuit of greatness even after a great defeat. I will apply this to my personal life. Thank you Mir.
  4. Diego could not hang with the 170 pound boys and though 155 pound was going to be an easy ride to the belt. Pathetic.
  5. I guess you are also no better than the judges that score the Struve vs. Buentello fight.
  6. I love Clay Guida, he is my top favorite but I think is time to cut the hair. I rather see the hair cut than Guida cut all together from the UFC.
  7. I used to like the hair but if it means more lost fights cut it off. I rather see his hair gone than Guida gone out of the UFC.
  8. Until tonight I never seen a fighter so motivated after a defeat as Mir. I am more of a Mir fan that I was before. They say some fighters become better after defeat but I never seen it until tonight. Florian and Mir both.
  9. Mir = MArtial Arts Guru Lesnar = Just Brute Force, missing brain. Won't be taken serious by contestants. I voted yes because I can already imagen Brock Lesnar getting all worked up by Mir's trash talk.
  10. Calculon64

    Diego Who?

    Why would Diego go in to a championship fight with only "1" game plan. Yes, one single game plan. That was to try to take down a guy like BJ Penn to the ground for 5 rounds. No plan "B", "C" or "D"? BJ Penn made Diego's intelligence look none existence.
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