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  1. R U serious? 5 seconds is an enternity when getting your face pummeled.
  2. Did I just get trolled? Aww, shucks.
  3. Oh, well the capitalized "no" threw me off.
  4. He deserves some credit, but he tries to take it for everything that happens in MMA.
  5. Why are you saying "NO"? Did you even read my comment? It doesn't change anything, is my point. WTF are you trying to argue about?
  6. Probably, Dana is a scumbag that tries to take credit for the clouds in the sky.
  7. People are gonna argue about this stoppage forever, but it doesn't change the fact that Diaz is still champ! HAHAHA, haters.
  8. Nah, it was a good stoppage. Daley was getting his face pummeled.
  9. I didn't either really, but Big John is the best ref in the biz and I can't really question him. I would if it was another ref, though.
  10. Everybody underestimates Diaz' striking, especially his opponents. Looked like Diaz was about to hurt him on the feet.
  11. Come on Diaz! I really hope Daley doesn't win this, Diaz is one of my favs. It looked like Daley tried to kick him on the head when he was down too, but I guess it was to the shoulder area.
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