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  1. going to the expo but didnt buy tickets for the event on time ;(
  2. ok,machidas style was considered a "puzzle" and shogun knocked him out. bj penn lost his belt to edgar, Brock was tested in his fight with Carwin but pulled out a win, same with anderson in his fight with sonnen... so the question is, u guys think these champions are slowing down, or is everyone just catching up with them?
  3. do you guys think Aleksander Emelianenko would be a good add-on to the heavy weight division??
  4. because to most fans Silva vs Hendo is not as exciting as Silva vs belfort
  5. because hes the man.. i dont see anyone beating him in the HW division...
  6. awesome event!! all the fights were great, i got nothing to complain. 5/5
  7. they were deff the worst commentator i have ever heard..
  8. i agree.. it would be awesome. but they really do need recovery time, training time... a rematch at 106 is impossible IMO
  9. shogun got robbed... he won at least 3 rounds... but its his fault for not finishing the fight... at least now we know that machida is not all god-like as everyone thought he was...
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