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  1. fighter can fight twice in one night, this way you can still have the grand prixs knees to grounded opponents, upkicks allowed from guard. probably bring back the yellow card from Pride super heavyweight division for 240lbs+ do away with the 10 point must system and have clearer rules on judging criteria
  2. C'MON THE GERS!!!! and the Baggies
  3. well, nowadays size plays a very large part but mainly because fighters are skilled in 2 or more arts more often than not, back in the days of Royce and Pancrase, most of them had 1 style, but today because most fighters are well versed in striking, grappling and sumbmission then size starts to play much more of a role IMO
  4. sorry AK but this isn't even anywhere near your best, i remember the days of "Never watching Semtex Daley again because his nickname was offensive to America" that was one of the best.This one doesn't even make the top 10
  5. either your all kind of new to the sport or you all have short memories, lets see Sylvia vs Couture Ortiz vs Couture Babalu vs Mousasi Rua vs Machida 2 Granted A.Silva has had a few defences where he's been completely gash, but if you include them then Penn/Edgar should be on there, and if GSP is on there then obviously Brock should be and probably Franklin
  6. got to go with the first one just to see Jacare and Maia, only ever seen them fight in a gi, my money would be on Souza under MMA rules
  7. Jones is a great fighter, i'm a fan, i would have liked to have seen Rua win but it was obvious who the better fighter was. in response to the OP, don't forget people said the same thing about Fedor for years, and more recently everyone was saying the same thing about Machida. Also, for the superstitious people out there, Since the Pride MW title and the UFC LHW title was unified, no-one has defended it (aside from Machida/Rua 1) everyone that has won the belt has lost it to their next opponent. I think Jones has the beating of Evans but he won't beat everyone, no-one ever does
  8. best simple, nuthin fancy worst not so simple, full of fail
  9. Given that Wanderlei has more stoppage wins than GSP or BJ has fights altogether, i think he wins that one
  10. if your going to bump a thread, thats officially the best way to do it
  11. if anyone gets bored enough, try finding this first thread NOT made by a mod
  12. roll over your name and it tells you at the bottom of your screen evidently i am 33,203
  13. i think it says in the old testament that if you work on the sabbath then you should be stoned to death, again this is laws for the jews and not the gentiles though
  14. correction, a baby elephant with a ******** WTH?? i can't even put that, for those who are wondering the censored word is a mixture of a number between 3 and 5 and a synonym of flesh
  15. Wandy is always good, also Kid Yamamoto, Gomi, Sakuraba and Funaki
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