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  1. I would love to go to the theater to watch a UFC event.....
  2. Wow all four of them are great fighters....dude your delusional
  3. Honestly troll how is James Toney going to stop the takedown please let me know.....he hasn't joined a big camp that can prepare him for Randy's wrestling.....James Toney is Delusional just like u TROLL
  4. I think it does he doesn't really cover up...his chin is always exposed because of his retarded fighting stance.....I agree with the guy that made this thread Chuck should've hired someone like Freddie roach, Dan Hardy trains with Roach, Chuck could pay the best of the best to train him
  5. Mauricio Shogun Rua: I've always been a fan of him since I started watching MMA....I first saw him when they did the Japan vs Chute Boxe exhibition and became a instant fan of his....I remember last year when The Chemicals made the thread "After Shogun destroys Machida" and me and him were like the only ones defending him....I'm so happy that he's the LHW champion the only person that could be a threat to his Belt is Rashad but after that it's smooth sailing
  6. This has to be a joke Lmfao
  7. Chael Sonnen is a idiot the 205 pound division has the most stars and he wouldn't survive with any of the 205ers
  8. and thats the reason u conservatives conspirators are all idiots
  9. I hate both of them so I don't really care who wins.....I honestly don't know why they keep putting him up against grapplers, it's like the same story repeating itself....Joe Silva needs to put him up against Nate Marquardt or Alan Belcher in order for us to see a exciting fight from him.....I dislike A. Silva because he was just being a complete ******* to Damian Maia throughout the entire fight....He needs to learn to respect his opponents....why does he bow before them, if as soon as the match starts he's clowning them ....doesn't make any sense
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