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  1. XxJohnny

    So uh..

    Teach Me how to Dougie?
  2. im haveing the same problem. it says knockout sportsworld/
  3. Aw man another thread im bringingg back when chael wins. LMAO you guys are gonna make this even sweeter of a victory.
  4. I am here by letting everybody know that i am a big chael sonnen fan. Not sayying he is going to win. But unlike most of yall i think he has a very good shot. With his wresling. anyway if chael does win i wish to not be included as a fake fan. i reccomend any other chael sonnen fan speak now.
  5. good read and i see your points. but i still have shogun winning this fight.
  6. Put my Account on there. Big country all day, i will come back to this thread laffing my **** off when Roy wins to.
  7. ill be missing you by puffy, cant beleive nobodys said this yet.
  8. XxJohnny

    what did joe say?

    thats it? people are acting like he was extremly disrespectful or something?
  9. XxJohnny

    what did joe say?

    alot of people are saying he said alot of things to disrespect chuck? were i watched it i couldnt hear very well. what was said?
  10. XxJohnny

    to be honest

    thanks. thats fine.
  11. XxJohnny

    to be honest

    that fight was alot bigger for rich then it was for chuck. even if chuck won we all knew hed never really be a contender again. rich on the other hand still has alot of potential and fights left in him. for me its reallyy sad to see my hero go out like that. im only 16 .. no parents. liddel is like a father figure to me.. even though i dont know him.. dont really know how to explain it. the saddest part is he didnt lose becuase of his lack of skill or lack of passion and hard training. he lostt becuase of his age.. hiis chin just cant take it anymore. this has been a really hard night for me and i know theres tons of threads on liddel right now but i just had to let my feelings out. i really hope he does hang it up... i reallyy dont think i can ever watch him loose again. i actually cried tonight. i actualy cried. first time ever ive cried watching a mma fight. and on a side note those bashing liddel. its really uncalled for. the man has done nothing but help build this sport. he went out there and gave it everything he had. id figure an mma fan would respect that.
  12. nobodyy was knocked outt before they were for the first time.....?
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