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  1. These two just need to fight already... link - Ronda Rousey believes Cris Cyborg represents everything wrong with MMA
  2. Well I guess it's better than nothing. Man I really wanted to see Silva in against either GSP or Jones, but watching him take out Bisping would be a fun distraction until one of those two fights can get made. link - Anderson Silva will accept fight with Michael Bisping if Bisping defeats Vitor Belfort
  3. Uhhhh... no. One is fake, one is real. Not saying you can't get hurt in pro wrestling or that it isn't tough, but the difference is that in one activity someone is trying to put on a show, not hurt you. In the other, someone is trying to knock you unconscious. I've never seen a pro wrestler get KO'd, happens all the time in MMA. Not even close imo. Link - Pro wrestler Ric Flair: I've been in matches that were tougher than any MMA fight
  4. Even some of the fighters from their own weight classes want to see this fight. Anyone heard any news on the latest status? Link - Erick Silva on Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva: "Everyone wants to see this fight."
  5. Source: Alexander Gustafsson wants Jon Jones after he beats Mauricio Rua Gonna happen sometime between Gustafsson and Jones but he shouldn't be looking past Rua right now imo.
  6. Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Georges-St-Pierre-has-regained-his-fire.html Man, I know everyone is thinking that he's got a lot to prove after the surgery and being out so long, but I'm starting to believe him when he says he's better than before. He seems more hungry and motivated and that counts for a lot. I think he's gonna dominate Condit.
  7. Source: Dong Hyun Kim: "I'd really like to have a chance to get a rematch with Demian Maia." Dong hyun Kim deserves that fight back imo and it would be a great fight to watch. He looked awesome tonight. Make it happen Dana!
  8. Source: George St. Pierre on ACL injury: "I was convinced the best GSP was behind me." Man, I can't wait for this fight! Everyone says he's better than ever, but it's always interesting to see how a guy comes back from injury. And Condit has looked like a world beater over the past couple years too.
  9. Thought this was interesting. I believe you make your own luck and Cung should give himself some more credit, but he fought a good fight. Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Dong-Hyun-Kim-Id-really-like-to-have-a-chance-to-get-a-rematch-with-Demian-Maia.html
  10. Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Strikeforce-is-dead,-final-event-scheduled-for-Jan-12.html Crazy news, but not unexpected given all the cancellations.
  11. Source: Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones: "I have fought tougher opponents at this stage of my career." I guess it's kinda true, but it's a little unfair to say because Jones was only what like 21 or 22 when he came into the UFC. These two just need to fight already.
  12. Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Diego-Nunez-on-Nik-Lentz-I-want-to-beat-his-face-until-he-doest-want-to-come-back-for-more.html Nice, should be a barnburner.
  13. Source: Rich Franklin on Anderson Silva: "I believe with another shot I can win that fight" Well he's dropping back to middleweight so I guess we'll see if he can work his way back up. I'd like to see him against Bisping actually.
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