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  1. Tapping to strikes is no big deal...to me its the same as getting TKOed no big deal...if your beat your beat And I think chuck tapped in one fight...either that or he was getting pounded so hard it made him look like he tapped idk I don't think he tapped against Rampage in the first fight... but he should of. That's the fight you're referring too ya?
  2. I think Glover takes it but this is one that all gamblers should be throwing money on (Rampage). The odds are just ridiculous.
  3. For the same reason Anderson Silva probably criticizes his favorite music artist at times even if they are better musicians than he is. Not saying his air guitar skills aren't top notch.
  4. He should of just said "Who?" and left it as that. Guy is just trying to get his name out there but as soon as he fights someone descent (MMA or boxing) he's getting murdered.
  5. Rousey vs Kaufman - 529,000 viewersRousey vs Tate - 472,000 viewers Carano vs Cyborg - 576,000 viewers yeah but Cyborg is a mainstream name in MMA, Kaufmann and Tate not so much. Though i do think Gina's star is bigger than Ronda;s so she's probably a bigger PPV sell She wasn't that big at the time though. I think Tate at the time Rousey fought her was a bigger draw than Cyborg was at the time Carano fought her.
  6. l0l @ Mundane, what in his right mind is he thinking taking on Danny Geale at this point of his career considering he has ducked anyone semi relevant for the last 7 years and got KTFO by Garth "From the hood" Wood even if it was just a lucky punch. Mundane's can crushing run is finally coming to an end and I see him retiring after he gets slapped silly this fight.
  7. Most people will say Serra over GSP but they forget how much of an upset Forrest over Shogun was. I'm going with Forrest over Shogun for it's time. But the GSP upset has aged the best. One of the biggest major org upset of all time was Soccerjew over Lil Nog though.... and Werdum over Fedor needs a mention in that case too but not quite as bad as the others I mentioned.
  8. I wouldn't go as far to say he is overrated but I do think Frankie Edgar is easily the best fighter he has fought and with the current betting lines im definitely going to put some money on Edgar.
  9. Except they made a women's fight as a PPV main event. I'm not a fan of WMMA at all, but it IS a championship fight (a DEBUT championship fight at that), and if the UFC were to put the debut women's championship fight below a non-title fight, they would risk trivializing the entire division (moreso than it already has been, seeing as it is an obvious cash-grab and only there because of Rousey). Also, the possible backlash from the already-small female demographic would be less-than-ideal for the UFC's image, so their hands were tied. I don't think WMMA has any place in the UFC personally but that aside, I find this match a terrible way to introduce it to the UFC. A free Card with a legitimate Womans Title fight as the main event would be way better than throwing in a can to get armbarred as the main event of a PPV and stealing that spot off a very capable main event in Hendo vs Machida no less.
  10. I think Overeem will defend the lazy takedown of Bigfoot and pick him apart with the kicks. TKO late round 1 or early round 2. Exactly, what the hell can Bigfoot do to Reem that Brock couldn't? Bigfoot might have a better chin and better striking but he doesn't have better wrestling and bullying and he isn't going to outstrike Overeem and his chin will break when Reem hits him. So long story short this should be easier for Reem than beating Brock even if Bigfoot is a better fighter than Brock.
  11. Overeem has to cheat to win. Check out his LHW career and you can see that he isn't a top contender without steroids. Overeem lost to Sergei Kharitonov in September of 07. Junior Dos Santos lost to Joaquim Ferreira in November of 07. I think Overeem will be ok.
  12. Juzie

    i want to join in UFC

    Make sure to bang Arianny if you do get in.
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