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  1. finished last night. I'll give you time to catch up
  2. @Bubba_Sparks gonna need your hot takes on the final season of vikings
  3. I rewatched the matrix trilogy over Xmas. My stance has softened on the 3rd film a little now. It's still ****e but I'm not angry at it anymore, lol
  4. lol. I'll have a look next time I get a chance. Spammed some E dragons on MP the other day. Easy 3 star.... ....on a th12
  5. Read that report as well. Chortled like a snooty aristocrat
  6. agreed. they need to just let Jan 20 roll round and let him roll out. This is all just solidifying his base now
  7. @OzPride Where you at with the expanse these days? I'm ready for them to strap Naomi to a rocket and have **** sent on a collision course with the nearest sun
  8. Watched it with the Mrs. Neither of us know **** about chess but it was still a good watch though
  9. so what have I missed besides dozens of dm's by Mo on discord?
  10. Have you noticed any scumbaggery from the right during this time as well?
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