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  1. I'll look after the guys like knighty and all the og sparta crowd but the rest can go eat a pringle can sized d1ck
  2. I'd just rather not take part at all then log into 6 unfilled requests over 10 hours just for 4 or 5 people not to hit at all. waste of time and resources.
  3. definitely noping out of next cwl if I'm at the kids table again. **** that **** all over again
  4. ... all these streamers getting #meetoo'd. Socially awkward nerdgins who spend all their time behind a computer not having the social skills to not be rapey has been the greatest shock in the last 20 mins
  5. You might be an anomaly among Liverpool supporters, mate. Still struggling to find a likeable one outside of you 😂
  6. I'm gonna need a fan edit with this in it, lol
  7. lol, that was kinda tame as well. I'd love to hear him rant off camera
  8. my new favourite reddit thread. The movies improve exponentially with added f-bombs, lol https://www.reddit.com/r/PrequelMemes/comments/hb1j6d/hello_there/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  9. lol, family tree like a plumb line was my favourite Tasmania put down lately
  10. so you're agreeing with me in a more polite way?
  11. feeder clan had a bunch of cunce in it. I say had because they all jumped as soon as their hits were done once again ignoring requests
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