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  1. dont do it, lol. I got a 2 star and felt genuine disappointment 😂
  2. lol, was pointing out the request. Winterfell is a known good contributor and now man u supporter
  3. can't even give WBs out of spite now. Those 12 day breaks are looking good again
  4. lol. I watched it happen 3 times in 10 minutes. 1 person on line, someone logs in, request, back to one person online
  5. lol, these Egyptian wankers out here requesting and bailing without a thought of filling other requests. Me next time I get asked to join there
  6. yeah, I didnt mind it. Havent watched Luke Cage. Not sure I'll even bother. Every Marvel show/film needs more punisher. Mrs started watching the runaways. That show needed the punisher treatment at conception
  7. I've not watched season 2 of JJ. The best part of the show was the villain, lol. I did just finish defenders though. Iron Fist was the weak link
  8. as soon as they start trying to open the door I'm flooring it. **** that ****
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