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  1. lol, game launcher on samsung phones has it as a feature. My pokemon go numbers are bad especially considering it's only counting since December
  2. I'd have laughed uncontrollably if Messi had've noped out of Barcelona back on their deadline this year. He did the right thing by the club by waiting til the covid adjusted season finished and they still wanna screw him
  3. of course they have. They'd be admitting they ain't chit if they didn't.
  4. Jolldan is out there getting that onlyfans money, lads. Good chit, m8
  5. Watching mighty ducks with the kids and thought he looks like Foggy. One trip to imdb later and I'm like
  6. I was today years old when I found out Foggy Nelson from Daredevil is also Fulton Reed from Mighty Ducks 😂
  7. tbf Serie A is the only league where the champions one year scored less goals than a team relegated that same year...
  8. if him and Ronaldo ended up at the same Fifa's FFP unit will probably be on holiday for the next 5 years, lol
  9. u wot m8? nah, not doing too bad. The Rona rush for new sofas has been keeping me busy. your good self?
  10. So where do we think Messi will end up? PSG? Man City? Sheffield United?
  11. word is he's still sleeping from that punch
  12. 'that was a bad shot'- PG probably
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