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  1. Hopefully the old Layer Road because the newer stadium is soulless ****e.
  2. We're confirmed now with the SA tour cancellation. You lot are giving it a good shake in India
  3. Forgot how good this film is. edit: Once were warriors isn't one I'd expected to find on here though
  4. lol, your take is pretty much how I saw it. Too many pointless stories. Floki returning was cool and a much needed connection to the prime Vikings era. Ivar's redemption arc was cool as well. I think overall I just aint gonna miss it though
  5. They did him so dirty. Still pissed about it. Meanwhile the million ways to try kill Naomi have very nearly been exhausted. fk her
  6. South Africa win one test against the aussies and England stuff India away and this 2 test series could turn into a 3 test series with the test championship at stake
  7. that was some great stat to come out of the 2nd test. First team to take all 10 wickets with seam in the first innings and all 10 wickets with spin in the second.
  8. I keep catching glimpses of ep1000 hype. We're a year from that😂
  9. 5 years on, 950 more episodes. No regrats
  10. lol. they get uploaded to YouTube every Sunday morning but I do have another site I need to look up. I'll see what I can find
  11. I don't think you can make a serious MK film anymore.
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