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  1. Have you noticed any scumbaggery from the right during this time as well?
  2. do you believe he's telling the truth here or just flinging chit again?
  3. Doesn't matter if it's evidence of Republican voter fraud. Still voter fraud, lol
  4. and the Thunder are out here trying to have EVERYONE'S picks
  5. Can I ask, do the Trump supporters here truly believe he wasn't so unpopular that he'd get bodied badly in this election?
  6. Joey Barton but using his legendary appearance on question time, lol
  7. They have a bulk buy special on tinfoil in SA, mate?
  8. I've not even looked at my base since like 2 days before clan games. Probably some hidden Trump votes in that jungle now
  9. my kids loved that episode though. Damn near lost their minds laughing at that final egg scene
  10. lol, if she hit him with a bit of friendly fire when shooting them spiders I'd have been cool with it.
  11. lol, putting the Reeeeeeee!!! in Republican
  12. The country needs something to bring it all together. Maybe they should run back Diaz v Condit so we can all agree NBK won the first but is now the canliest of cans
  13. I wasn't saying he said not to mail vote but by implying there was gonna be farkery with mail voting he got more people to vote in person. Those votes all got counted first and he was leading big. All the mail in votes being overwhelmingly Democrat just made this slow drawn out count, where his lead has eventually been wiped out, hilarious.
  14. Nevada should be good to go by the inauguration
  15. Damn, gonna throw hands against that cocaine money. Better off trying to get Jones off the gear and hope they go broke first
  16. and by saying it's ripe for fraud his supporters naturally thought it untrustworthy and voted in person instead. "People voting Dem took his statement and said cool story, bro. still voting by mail".
  17. So Trump played and trolled himself by making all his supporters not mail in vote. Now he's watching the mail in votes slowly twist that dagger, lol
  18. lol, you moose men are like a decade behind on that chit, mate
  19. That shining bastion of truth, The Sun, backing a confirmed psycho is one thing. A judge siding with them though is ridiculous
  20. this is older than the battle of helms deep, m8.
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