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  1. BradfordB

    Lesnar's striking

    ACK! Not reason! not middle ground! nooooooooo
  2. I dont think he's overrated by any means. but his recent fights have done nothing for his stock. the barnett fight will be huge. just huge. both guys are amazing. and i think theres 6 or 7 heavyweights the ufc needs to get out the checkbook and sign away from the other organizations.
  3. BradfordB

    forest griffin

    thats weak. he should go out and fight. not try to protect a championship. he needs the chip on his shoulder again.
  4. retirement is such a question mark now though...guys walk away...and then come back. lol
  5. BradfordB

    forest griffin

    silva has been anything but aggressive lately, has fallen in love with his own style. watching his fights is starting to look like tim sylvias championship reign. yes, i blasphemed against the fan boys and compared silva to sylvia. he's going into the ring now trying not to lose, rather than trying to win. and he's never dealt with anything approaching forrests size. forrest is a huge 205'er.
  6. after rewatching the alves v fitch fight, i dont know how gsp does anything but take him down and dominate.
  7. few opinions... he's a mouthy jerk when hyping fights, agreed. seems much more humble in private interviews and such. think the idea of a super heavyweight division may become a reality, but at 250+, are there enough guys to make it interesting? not right now. and his short road to the top? blame the ufc. brock would have been an idiot to turn down the opportunity. and after the results...he doesnt look so out of place at the top. his name came with immediate recognition, some hype about "how a wwe guy will do in the cage", and a flock of haters rooting against him. people will pay to see a guy lose just like they'll pay to see a guy win. so the ufc pushed, and pushed hard.
  8. BradfordB

    Lesnar's striking

    its fun to listen to haters and fanboys alike. Mir is one talented guy. No doubting that, no taking that away. Lesnar is an athletic guy, and he's learning really fast. Mir has acknowledged as much. Complaining about the weight difference...it is what it is. Lesnar is the bigger guy. Mir has beat guys at 265 before. Hell, he's beaten Lesnar. and lesnar didnt set the weight limits, he's just operating within them. Do i think theres a case being made for a new weight class, maybe 240+? yes. but are there enough talented guys to fill it...i'd have to look around more. in the end...i think lesnar will win. would i put money on it? not a chance. i've got a beer bet on it, thats as far as i'll go. do i care either way...not so much. except to maybe quiet the haters. fanboys, i get that. but hating on a guy for being what he is and taking the opportunities in front of him..nah.
  9. his name is Kido...maybe a youngster? so let this be a learning experience...read a lot, and be very sure about what you're going to post.
  10. the problem is, what fight would not only be exciting, but attractive to rich. jon jones is exciting, but does that advance rich in the weight class...not really. But, most of the obvious options have fights scheduled...so maybe he does just to stay busy. Jones or Cane, really the only 2 options.
  11. i think when you purchase the ppv, you should receive a promotional code to watch the undercard fights on the website.
  12. now, im no bisping fan, but he did feel the other side of the judging sword against rashad.
  13. BradfordB

    Need More Events

    lol, or read the 2nd quote, where i mention someplace besides TUF. so not such a great call. not everyone loves the idea of being on a reality show. or away from home for 6 weeks. and the ufc has a huge roster of fighters, and young fighters come cheap. medical suspensions and the like wouldnt hurt anything. there are guys not able to get more than 1 or 2 fights a year right now, just do to the stable being too large, and the shows being too few. and weekly was just for arguments sake. anything more frequent than now. every other week. whatev.
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