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  1. lol. this exactly. smash a knee into a half ko'd opponent - all good. 6 inch baby punches to the neck - auto dq
  2. Agree as one foul and Yan was winning. Only problem may occur if a champ is losing and fouls on purpose to get a dq to keep the belt
  3. nunes lost the 2nd fight - judges screwed it up
  4. Definitely. all his crying after the cejudo fight while on the juice. He looks 12 but he's 35 - time is against him
  5. slam72

    Name that potato.

    would never have guessed - watched the fight back just to check it was real
  6. Eddies on welfare comment was gold though
  7. slam72

    Bye bye Yoel

    the light heavyweight top 10 is trash. yoel would be favoured against most of them. seems an odd decision based on 1 dodgy performance vs izzy
  8. getting his d sucked like a boss while his trainer watches
  9. great card. So many FOTN match ups. Nam Pham v Siver may top them all though
  10. slam72


    took a fight with Chael Sonnen on 8 days notice
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