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  1. chanman20

    whats up

    That never happened lol
  2. chanman20

    whats up

    glad to see this place hasnt changed
  3. chanman20

    whats up

    long time no see hows everyone been lol
  4. Lolol I have a 95% win rate this year.went 12/12 with 6 perfects fool
  5. How dare you insult mir! I'll have to spam mir pictures on your fb now
  6. That's right son! Bow down and thank god you got to witness the greatest heavyweight to ever step foot in the Octagon
  7. already watched all 4 eps <3 http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2015/04/12/nearly-half-of-game-of-thrones-season-five-has-leaked-online/
  8. who you taking tonight
  9. vitor was the one to delay it first by abusing trt and being cough
  10. fedor the man who ducked the ufc to fight in a 2nd rate org.
  11. i do yo as someone who lives in NY I WANT TO GO TO A ****ING EVENT
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