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  1. In respect to Brock well done for turning it around but the ref would have stopped the fight in the first had it been Brock vs anyone Brock was in a lot of trouble not really defending just surviving get hit with big shots, though I ain't no Brock fan i can't stand him but respect to him for coming back and doing something different
  2. ukaz87

    Penn vs Edgar 2

    Im not disagreeing with opinions but i thought Penn did win the fight 3 rounds also it wasn't the greatest fight i think they should be a rematch bj will win by stoppage in next fight you could see in the fight that his head was some where else Edgar got lucky in this fight in this sense he fought some one who looked like he had better things to do than fight! Also Anderson Silva is a disrespectful coward i say this cos he was show boating and saying come on and as soon as Maia came forward Silva ran off to dance what a puff!!! has good as Anderson is that isn't hes a joke to the sport!! come on Bj, and if GSP ever fights Silva that is the only fight i'll watch Silva in from now i do think Silva would beat him tho but I hope I am wrong an Silva gets knocked out!!!!!!!! that would be the day and then Dana terminates Silva's contract.
  3. I disagree, Even if your the champ your still a challenger to keep your belt, im a fan of the spider but that as made me turn my back that was the most disrespectful thing anyone could do in a fight its putting shame on a sport or more trying to, my dad saw the fight first time he's ever seen MMA and due to that fight thinks its aload of rubbish thats what its doing Dana wants exciting fights not some guy running round dancing and showing no respect at all it was a disgrace and Rules a rules restart of rounds because Silva did'nt do enough himself never mind Maia it didnt happen but should of I watched the full fight only reason i didnt turn it off I was hoping Damien Maia would knock him out, next fight Silva has I know the guy is going to have a chance if he his smart and put him under pressure and Silva wont win Maia showed that in the 5th he just didnt pick up on what he did when he lost it he hurt Silva and silva could'nt handle that small amount of pressure even tho he tried to hide it. Also Anderson where was these little suprises? you was sscared of the ground game.
  4. I think if ufc is going to continue gathering fans it should go to Five or even Virgin1 as like Setanta people can watch as it isn't over priced I have VirginMedia and to get skysports it like ?28 a month and most people wont pay that Setanta was brill ?10 for Sky viewers and free with XL pack on Virgin well cheap. If it went to sky i cant see many paying ?28. Not even massive fans like myself, so they will lose so many Ufc fans. Come on Bispin, Fitch an Mir.
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