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  1. i love upsets nothing gives you more of a'holy sh!T' moment than a great uspet wellplayed you underdogs keep em coming.........
  2. meltrobe

    Women in the UFC?

    not enough fighters for a competative decision. plus the pace is not lightning is it really????
  3. meltrobe

    Rampage to WWE?

    raw is war ye baby woo hooo wwe rules all NOT!
  4. gutted bin gripped on this site in work wont be on again today later peeps lol
  5. meltrobe

    Upcoming Upsets

    you are a gimp............
  6. bisping refused my mate once and dean amasinger refused me once yano the guy from tuf9. I would personally refuse to have a photo of koscheck and if i seen him i would 100% give him a piece of my mind. he wouldnt do nothing if you gave him a tirade of abuse it could affect his career so i would call him a cheating scumbag. hate him more than anyone in the ufc....
  7. i want hathaway to win but i think diego will take it...... be a great fight tho i dont mind who wins really like them both
  8. loser cut??????? shut up crazy talk thats peoples livelyhood your talkin about you just want to see them sacked for 1 loss there both ufc material no need whatsoever to be cut....... poor effort of a thread
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