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  1. i love upsets nothing gives you more of a'holy sh!T' moment than a great uspet wellplayed you underdogs keep em coming.........
  2. meltrobe

    Women in the UFC?

    not enough fighters for a competative decision. plus the pace is not lightning is it really????
  3. meltrobe

    Rampage to WWE?

    raw is war ye baby woo hooo wwe rules all NOT!
  4. gutted bin gripped on this site in work wont be on again today later peeps lol
  5. meltrobe

    Upcoming Upsets

    you are a gimp............
  6. bisping refused my mate once and dean amasinger refused me once yano the guy from tuf9. I would personally refuse to have a photo of koscheck and if i seen him i would 100% give him a piece of my mind. he wouldnt do nothing if you gave him a tirade of abuse it could affect his career so i would call him a cheating scumbag. hate him more than anyone in the ufc....
  7. i want hathaway to win but i think diego will take it...... be a great fight tho i dont mind who wins really like them both
  8. loser cut??????? shut up crazy talk thats peoples livelyhood your talkin about you just want to see them sacked for 1 loss there both ufc material no need whatsoever to be cut....... poor effort of a thread
  9. got to be fitch!!!!! how people couldnt put him top5 is crazy. if you scratch the gsp fight he has won his LAST 20 YES 20 fights with one loss in between to gsp (nothing to be ashamed of) i cant stand watching him but he is easily one of the p4p best in the world........his record is unreal
  10. silva has signed a 8 fight contract. he will fight sonnen the belfort then move up to LHW where he will walk through them aswell whoever said he cant win at lhw needs there head checkin or is just a hater.... anderson silva is easily the greatest mma fighter ever by leaps and bounds the man is untouchable
  11. meltrobe

    Window Dressing !

    bad thread this..........poor effort
  12. bj found out that diego is hard to finish thats one thing you cant knock him for diego will fight till he dies man ha ha john has his work cut out for him on saturday hope he just does well and doesnt get wrecked
  13. ye i met him at the signing they did at the men arena with hardy about a week b4 105 and he was safe as. but he had to and was there to take photos but he was joking with us about me mate gettin close to him an said he touched his **** an that funny but we caught him on a off moment i reckon. i sent amasinger a pure message on facebook saying ya attitude stinks thats why your not in the ufc an that ha ha and he sent me one back apoligising saying he took hundreds of photos that weekend and we caught him at a bad time lol felt quite bad he could of just told me to Fuc..k off lol
  14. rugby point is a good point and hathaway is a rugby man maybe that will put him in good stead and maybe we can build a base of english wrestling through rugby then least rugby will be good for something lol
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