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  1. RaWrBoOm


    No So many factors made that an amazing upset. The fact that he only got the shot because he won TUF, and Serra had no advantages going into that fight. Atleast some people believe Hardy has the Stand Up advantage.
  2. I agree with you, it's a shame all the Fedor nut huggers won't look at the facts.
  3. Brock is prolly out for the majority of next year. Fungus in you intestines isnt exactly something you just shrug off
  4. Fedor's one lose should have been a NC. the doctor stopped the fight because of a gash above Fedor's eye, but the gash was caused by an illegal elbow. and Fedor stomped the guy in the rematch anyway
  5. He has the exact skill that can beat Anderson. Dominating take-downs and a dominating top-game. I really don't know how many times i've said this GSP would Take Anderson down at will and keep him there as long as he wanted to.
  6. it was a joke. I really dont even think Bandwagoning is a bad thing. if anything I hate people who hate fighters just because there popular.
  7. GSP would destroy Anderson. He would take him down and beat him up for 5 rounds. I have no doubts about this
  8. lol the best part is he hasn't even hit his prime yet. He is the future of that division, and i have no doubt that he will one day be champion.
  9. RaWrBoOm

    What NOW??

    Kimbo said he had trouble cutting to 215. hes not going to 205 and Cro-Cop would get smashed by Rothwell in his current state
  10. Jon Jones is legit. completly dominated Hamil from start to finish, broke Hamil's shoulder with a nasty throw, and broke the dude's nose. IDC if it was illegal blows the ref should have stopped it way earlier. Everyone should know that the lose on Jone's record is just a paper lose and doesn't mean anything. oh and fan of Jon Jones since day one. no questions asked.
  11. Anderson's kryptonite is a strong wrestler with a dominating top game. Takase would prolly still beat him today.
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