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  1. Not in such a fashion that appears trivial, no. Some sensitivity around phrasing perhaps. Anyway, let's draw a conclusion to this debate because we're not really getting anywhere. Apologies if the thread was made with genuine motives, but as I say, perhaps if it is made in a fashion where it is more apparent that you want to have a genuine discussion about life issues as opposed to a trivial chat, there'd be less room for conflict.
  2. Ares9139

    Worst UFC Call Ever

    Seems to have been an oversight. Aaron Riley vs Shane Nelson I was an awful stoppage.
  3. Excuse me? No, I'm a well respected poster round here and it's offensive, fatuous threads like this that has driven so many of the best posters away from these forums. I mean really, what a ****ing absurd thing to start a thread about, what is to be gained from it except potential offense to people who have relatives (or have themselves) suffered from these diseases. No-one has any frame of comparison here so all it is is ridiculous speculation leading to no conclusion whatsoever.
  4. Definitely need to come back to this forum for World Cup discussion. The other forum has a very apparent lack of interest in football. Upsetting.
  5. Really sorry to hear about this bro, my thoughts are with you.
  6. I've got The Reem, Arlovski, Gracie, Jacare and Britt for the main card.
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