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  1. good stuff, hadn't heard about this
  2. been playing bad company 2 quite a bit, def worth a look
  3. yes, cruise was good in collateral i did consider that one.... and i completely forgot about la confidential... that one i can definitely get on board with!!
  4. brad pitt - fight club tom cruise - magnolia scarlet johansen - lost in translation jake gyllenhaal - donnie darko matt damon - good will hunting daniel day lewis - gangs of new york ewan mcgregor - trainspotting ed norton - american history x russell crowe - a beautiful mind jennifer connelly - requiem for a dream naomi watts - mulholland dr. sam rothwell - moon samuel l jackson - pulp fiction nicolas cage - leaving las vegas johnny depp - fear and loathing in las vegas dustin hoffman - rainman benicio del toro - 21 grams anthony hopkins - silence of the lambs colin farrell - in bruges
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