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  1. good stuff, hadn't heard about this
  2. been playing bad company 2 quite a bit, def worth a look
  3. yes, cruise was good in collateral i did consider that one.... and i completely forgot about la confidential... that one i can definitely get on board with!!
  4. brad pitt - fight club tom cruise - magnolia scarlet johansen - lost in translation jake gyllenhaal - donnie darko matt damon - good will hunting daniel day lewis - gangs of new york ewan mcgregor - trainspotting ed norton - american history x russell crowe - a beautiful mind jennifer connelly - requiem for a dream naomi watts - mulholland dr. sam rothwell - moon samuel l jackson - pulp fiction nicolas cage - leaving las vegas johnny depp - fear and loathing in las vegas dustin hoffman - rainman benicio del toro - 21 grams anthony hopkins - silence of the lambs colin farrell - in bruges
  5. prob biceps, just use free weights now i don't go the gym. and abs, crunches
  6. i can't see him gassing
  7. qotsa, go with the flow nirvana, in bloom yeahyeahyeahs, maps that come to mind
  8. yeh ill prob get it. something looks wrong with the lighting on ea
  9. no not caddyshack. bill murray plays himself. quite a new film...
  10. lesnar was worse after the herring fight imo. either way im indifferent toward him
  11. eve muirhead? yeah she's pretty tidy
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