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  1. These militarized police chumps are incredibly under/poorly trained on the equipment that defense contractors are selling them. I was always taught that you NEVER, under any circumstance, muzzle flash someone unless you're 100% intent on shooting them. That's the difference between a soldier who's trained to use the equipment, and an over weight St. Louis cop on a power trip...
  2. Creed?!? Might as well throw some ****ing Nickleback in your rotation too...
  3. http://bjjimmersion.com/why-it-pays-to-tap-out-early/ "Oh ****! ...Jimmy?" "Zzzzzzzzzzzzz"
  4. It doesn't because his car doesn't react to it. It fishtailed when he hit Ward, but somehow didn't even budge when hitting another car? C'mon dude... He tried to pass high, which never works, and Stewart boxed him out. Had Stewart clipped him with his tire, he likely would've spun out to the left. Also, before any race, on any circuit in the US there's a driver's meeting prior to the race with the race officials. One of the main topics they go over is not to exit their car for any reason other than the car being on fire, until the emergency crew arrives. Literally, before every race.
  5. You have to accelerate to turn a Sprint car. That's how they turn. They have fixed axle rears that are turned slightly inward and to the left. Sprint cars also don't have brakes and idle at about 35 mph or they stall out. Stewart didn't hit the kid on purpose. Even the driver directly after Stewart said it looked like he did everything he could to avoid Ward. Ward made a stupid mistake and it cost him his life. That's what happens when road rage and an ego get combined. Edit: One last thing, Stewart's car didn't pin Ward into the wall. In fact, the cars never touched. Ward was trying a right side wall pass, which never works if in a pack because the inside car will box the outside car out. Yet another mistake by Ward. Ward got pissy because Stewart didn't cede his position and let Ward pass. That's racing 101.
  6. I doubt Stewart hit him on purpose. However, I do think he may have been trying to buzz him or spray some dirt up at him. Other dude just took it to another level trying to give him a right cross mid turn.
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