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  1. A Day Before The Fight There Saying How It Is Sold Out And Stuff So I Go Check To See Of I Can Still Get Tix And You Can Still Buy Loads Of Tix They Always Say Its A Sell Out When Its Not Plus The 02 Holds Like 23k and There Were Only 17k There.
  2. Dan Hardy Is Actully Singing In One Of The Versions Of The Song
  3. We dont even get the channel SPIKE we (uk) Get it on ESPN wich we pay for monthly and it works out in your money at $191 a year so its not free
  4. This One Time At Band Camp..........I Knocked Out 6 Guys Will A Miss
  5. Mccartan

    Ufc attendance

    Surely ther cant be 2000 friends family and camera men lol
  6. Ye suposse uou could say that.....or u could say DIFFERENT COUNTRY
  7. Mccartan

    Ufc attendance

    how can you not pay to be there at the ufc ...i meen when it says like the attendance was 15,000 then it will say 13,000(Paid) how did the 2,000 get in for free lol?
  8. When you hear on the news or wereever that someone got choked to death it will be by a blood choke i think...so how long would you have to hold a rear naked choke in for in order to kill someone ..........stupid question i know lol just wanna know
  9. if you have a 6 pack then you will be a good fighter in the ufc
  10. Because before he got interviewd he wiz sticking his 2 fingers up at the fans and then he started throwing stuff at the crowed ...that deserves a boo imo
  11. Mccartan


    Does anyone know what the actully invlove... i know they show you some stuff but what else? oh and how long do they last for
  12. anyone know what time this starts for me uk time ..in the uk it is 00.50 am
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