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  1. Not gonna happen Out of those guys named the only 2 that would bring a fight is thiago silva and Dan Henderson. The rest would fight like rashad did
  2. Rashad was the last challenge for jones and there is nothing left Bader Shogun Rampage Machida Rashad All he is gonna get now are cans like Anderson has now he has cleaned out the division. Who is left? Gustafson Thiago silva Little nog Forrest That's about it
  3. I'm pretty sure you are retarded
  4. Cain isn't in the position? The Mir Cain fight was for number 1, you think a win over Roy changes that? Doesn't matter who Cain fights if he wins he gets next shot. Overeem failing a drug test changes nothing for Cain other then the opponent
  5. What the fcuk is Nelson?? *******. Cain wins he will get the next shot. Roy wins he gets a top 5 guy
  6. Uwillsubmit

    Worst chin in MMA

    Mir v Shaub in the glass jaw contest
  7. It's happened plenty of times, happened for Tito rashad
  8. It does have that biggie/2pac feel to it
  9. I wasn't impressed with Alexander, he fought thiago who was having his second fight in nearly 2 and a half years, I was more impressed with thiago silva, didn't gas at all. I think thiago will have a big 18 months after seeing that fight IMO Alex would lose to both convincingly
  10. Cain would destroy brown... No joke
  11. Maybe they are giving aust the same as the UK. Free ppvs
  12. Uwillsubmit

    Thiago Silva

    He took a legal medical drug, his problem was he didn't declare it then tried to alter his result. It's like that swimmer who got stripped of her gold medal because she to a head ache tablet the night before her race and failed a post fight test.
  13. Uwillsubmit

    Rampage Injured

    I can't bring myself to back bader regardless, the dude lost to Tito IMO he should of retired immediately after that epic fail
  14. Uwillsubmit

    Rampage Injured

    If this fight was in the states he would of had to pull out of the fight. Not declaring injuries per fight can lead to a 12 month suspension over here
  15. Uwillsubmit

    Thiago Silva

    Thiago is a monster and a threat at 205, give him 18 months of solid fighting and he will be top 3. Igor doesn't get out of the first IMO and Bonnar lol thiago would own him. U say thiago has only beaten cans who the fcuk has Bonnar beat?
  16. Penn is fighting I'm Hawaii next. Will be interesting to see what happens after that fight
  17. He could as long as he got it done in the first round.... His gas tank is non existent after 5 mins
  18. If its a 5 round fight he win this but alas it wasn't... Ellenbergers gas tank was gone mid way through the second round....Diego is a beast he will never be champion but he is a fighter and the UFC needs more of guys like him.. He will never be cut from the UFC he is like 14-5 career in the UFC plus he brings it EVERY FIGHT
  19. I thought it was 1x 13 minute round 1x 45second round then come back the next day for a sudden death 1 minute 15 second free for all no holds barred final round?
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