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  1. And I can't believe its not butter. Actually what I can't believe is people are stupid enough to think he's being serious. That's what AK is good at showing people who the ****es are. Also I give it a 7/10 for an AK troll thread it had its moments but I didn't have to stop reading to laugh.
  2. for everyone who picked Fusion razors at dawn.
  3. Hydro is a conventional razor in the same way a fusion is. I've used both I just like how the Hydro handles compared to a Gillette.
  4. no infact Razors at dawn the first person without a beard loses.
  5. Well now we can't be friends.
  6. Which is the better Razor the Schick Hydro 5 or the Gillette Fusion?
  7. Because Kos is some amazingly dynamic striker right? The GSP from 3 years ago is a better striker then Kos is today. You guys need to stop watching the damned all access shows and listening to the mumblings of a brain damaged mentally deficient Kos....
  8. what wins in a fight a honey badger or a wolverine?
  9. Ummm I said our country is moving more so to trade with India and China not our corporate interests. As In we are looking more to selling our natural resources to those countries instead of to the united states. I never once mentioned cheaper labor and Canada is hardly a manufacturing powerhouse. So you tell me how the hell we are going to benefit from cheaper labor? Oh wait you mean 90% of what we buy will be produced in china? that's already the case. So clearly you mean we are going to fly people from China and India to Canada and use them to extract our resources... Oh crap we have labor laws stipulating the bare minimum you can pay trades people involved in the extraction of resources. I guess there goes that argument... Do you even know what your current largest trade partner does? Because I don't think you have a clue.
  10. well their screwed then. Because 2015 according to current projections is when the debt is 142% of the GDP. So its to late and you know that trying to get the Republicans to work with the democrats is like giving a chimp a scalpel, having it perform brain surgery and expecting the patient to make a full recovery.
  11. http://www.usdebtclock.org/2015-current-rates.html the US can't afford even a mildly horrific president on the domestic front infact they need a perfect president there right now just to not go bankrupt. That's why Canada is gearing towards China and India right now and is moving away from reliance on the US as our major trading partner. The rest of the world is also insulating themselves right now as well.
  12. I honestly could care less who you elect its not my country. But I certainly think you guys could do alot better then Palin....
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