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  1. Strikeforce-1 UFC-0? More like strikeforce-1 UFC-150. Strikeforce reminds me of the saturday morning wrestling matches you watch when your a kid. when the no name guy comes out and gets his **** kicked by a popular named guy. What happens to strikeforce when their poster boy loses? they get into the fetal position and cry like elite xc. all of strikeforce is riding on fedor. if he loses they are done. thats the difference between UFC and strikeforce. im not a ufc "****" im just realistic.
  2. well those quotes are what i based what i said off of. i think you only helped prove my point by posting them. the reason he said he is a joke is because he doesnt think fedor wants to fight the best in the world, NOT that he thinks he isnt a good fighter. rankings change all the time and so do peoples opinions on fighters. so him changing his opinion seems normal to me. a lot can change in 6 months. like i said before junie earned his way back into the good graces of dana. he wasnt given a free pass. just because a guy is talking smack doesnt mean he doesnt have respect for him as a fighter. Kenny recognized that bj was the best. kenny just isnt good at talking smack so it seemed funny when he tried to do it. "its time to kill the master" lol. seemed funny to bj too. he even joked around about it. i dont think there was really any type of grudge before that fight.
  3. where are these gyms opening and how do i get more info about them? this is the first i have heard about them.
  4. Well this would not be any different then all the other fighters that didnt win and still got a contract. TUF is a proving ground. you can prove your a talented fighter and worth having in the UFC even if you dont win the show. Dana didnt say he would never sign kimbo. he said the only way kimbo would make it into the ufc was through TUF. dana even said this was kimbos chance to make him eat crow. im not a kimbo lover or anything, just thought i should correct you on this.
  5. I almost puked when they showed that guys cut on his head. I think that is the worste i have ever seen. Even worse then marvin eastmans.
  6. The dead horse says "stop beating me!"
  7. the dead horse says "stop beating me!"
  8. Now this idiotic post makes sense. Your disgruntled because you feel threatened that Randy will beat your "boys". I get it now. Like a mother bear protecting her cubs. Your scared that Ole Randy is going to make fools of "your sparring partners". Relax and enjoy the beatdowns .
  9. i think it would be better to make it a 16 fighter tourny.
  10. I've never cared much for Mir. I always see people on here complain about how certain fighters are arrogant or ****y(A. Silva, Diego, Rashad among others.) But i never have seen Mir mentioned. I think he is very arrogant and ****y. The way he acted on the show and the weeks leading up to the Lesner fight. Am i the only one that has noticed this? I'm not a Lesner fan but i was glad to see Mir's face turned into hamburger meat.
  11. I dont flame on people very often, but your an idiot! America was created based on the belief in God and thats why its apart of our dollar, pledge, ect. You can believe or not believe in whatever "god" you want to. Just because it is apart of our government doesn't force people to believe in it. I would rather have the "bible pushers" at my door then a lot of the other goons i have seen knocking. I wish you were born in france too. i think you would fit in just fine with the frogs. Now back to things UFC related.
  12. Actually Dana is about to sign a tv deal. Do your homework.
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