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  1. Msandi

    SHogun TAPPED!!

    he was going to, if you look at the replay he puts his hand up and taps couple of times but hey herb saved him
  2. Msandi

    War Shogun!

    lol jone's just ****ed him up. literally
  3. nice one mate, 300 bhp in a hatchback aint too shabby
  4. Replying to stokeysboy, i see where your coming from but the number of players germany are missing and the fact that Gomez, Klose and Podolski are out of form will be a factor, and i'm quite big on european football so i know more than most people premeir league is the best league imo , and no i don't remember italia 90 coz i wasn't born haha
  5. aint giving out my name yet, you from worthing??
  6. Big nog vs couture, that was a jaw dropping fight
  7. Yeah man, i really can't wait for the WC, biggest football tournament in the world, what more can you ask for!? I see where your coming from in the nationalisation, most of the time it's players who can't get in their national team e.g Kevin-Prince Boateng couldn't get into the German side so he chose Ghana, but G.Higuain is a class player, french by trade but he plays for Argentina, oh and not forgetting Owen Hargreaves, Canadian but plays for England great choice that
  8. ****about......damn man your one lucky *************
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