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  1. Are you so brain dead that you forget Anderson Silva fought in Pride? His only loses are outside UFC. Internet tough guys are so funny. Good luck and dont forget your medication.
  2. Horse Feathers nailed it. Selfish people are never wrong, so arguing is pointless. The fact that Dana White thought Rua won says it all. Of course fans of a certain fighter/team/whatever are going to agree with decisions that go there way. I am not a fan of either fighter, so whoever won really did'nt matter to me. Seeing someone lose like that was just wrong. Should have been a draw befor a Machida win. What do i know, I have only seen a couple thousand of these fights over the years.
  3. There is no question that Machida fought timid against Shogun. Rua's counter-stikes and just overall ring presence had Machida running in fear all 5 rounds. Anyone that thought Machida would dominate was obviously wrong, but anyone that still thinks Machida is some, out of this world fighter, is just plain crazy. He is good, but there is better.
  4. If you were him, would you care? He tasted the belt, then tasted true skills, i.e. Anderson Silva. Why care when you know you dont have a chance against the best of the best. Eventually, to get the belt back, he is gonna have to face Silva again. Percentage Forrest gets the belt back, 2%. Thats only cause you never know what judges might do.
  5. Yea if you want the belt, you have to find a champion that does'nt run away like a *****. They took the belt from RAMPAGE, but not machida.... what a joke.
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